This is how Juret’s father reacted to the success


Jure Kotnik impressed Slovenia with his striking voice and sensual interpretation. His father is also deeply moved. What was the response like?

Jure Kotnik he has a great voice and a tough story. While the marketing of a talent with a sad confession is not liked by many viewers, it seems that Jure was received differently. As if it were clear to everyone that stories flow through his veins, which make him express himself as a singer so authentically and deeply that no embellishments are needed.

During the presentation, Jure spoke about his father, with whom he was not on good terms during his delinquency. With his successful performance at Talenti, he proved to himself, to the world, and above all to his father, that he is on a fine path and that there is much more hidden in him than he himself once believed.

Jure Kotnik

photo: POP TV

Were you also waiting to see Jureto’s father in the audience? Me too, me too, but as we found out, he wasn’t present in the studio. But we checked what his reaction was when his son surpassed another milestone and went straight to the finals. “Although my father could not physically attend the show due to personal reasons, he was with me in his heart and watched the performance from home. He was one of the first who, after the announcement, very happily congratulated me on my promotion and says that he won’t be missing next time.”

Despite his success, Jure remains humble and down-to-earth. He says that he doesn’t feel the changes yet and that he still has to get used to all this hustle and bustle. “However, I am happy and surprised with myself, already for the fact that I managed to make it to the top three semi-finalists in the voting, and in the end was selected as a finalist. I didn’t expect the latter,” it’s for her, said the singer.


Semi-finalists of the 8th show

photo: Pop TV

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