Suzana in tears, Patricia happy with herself


Suzana is suffering. A lot. Žan does not believe her that she did not betray him. However, despite her own pain, she is so principled that she does not reveal that the one who is deceiving is Patricia. Well, the latter does not cope with the feeling of guilt…

“But I feel really good, because we strained a little bit for once,” is alone during the chat Patricia she said crushed Suzanneand the latter explained to her that she herself did not feel that way. “I know not. Well, it’s only tomorrow,” Patricia was nonchalant, as if she didn’t realize that she had influenced the rift between the two lovers. With tactics, deception and lying about the truth about voting for the scapegoat, she caused Suzana to be a liar and traitor in Žan’s eyes, untrustworthy.

Patricia is happy with herself.

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But while Suzana sheds tears because of Žan’s mistrust, and Žan faces the anger of betrayal, Patricija and Mateja are mainly having fun in the whole situation. “Patricia and Mateja could have already ended this saga and told the truth, because there is too much pressure and tension. Ultimately, I think it affects me because I wouldn’t do it, but they both actually enjoy it a lot.” explained Suzana in her statement.

But the situation continued to get even more complicated, and Suzana tried in vain to explain to Žan that she was not the one who did not stick to the agreement. “I don’t trust Susan one bit anymore. Not even a little. I may have been a little to her before, but not a little now.” Žan is determined.


It’s not easy for Suzana on the property these days.

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Žan is convinced that Suzana has betrayed him.

photo: VOYO

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