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It seems that the intense love between Žan and Suzana, who compete in the Kmetija show, has already cooled down…

There is more and more intrigue and more and more reality show tactics Farm, as the contestants are increasingly aware that the final is approaching. Only one of them will take home the main prize worth 50,000 euros.

Jean he doesn’t pretend, he honestly told the camera that he came for money, so he puts himself first, which of course Suzanne not the most liked.

“He doesn’t show that I’m important to him here, so at a certain point I won’t put him first either. Because if he doesn’t give me, why should I give him? Suzana said to the camera disappointedly.

Suzana broke down under the pressure, she was struck by the fact that Žan still doesn’t believe her, that she didn’t give a damn Marcelo. She tried to tell him to think logically, but Žan didn’t realize that they were behind it Matthew and Patricia. The mistrust of Žan cooled the emotions.

Suzana broke down, she moved away together with Matthewwhen she told her that apparently Žan didn’t have real feelings for her, because it’s not normal that he first doubted her and didn’t trust her.

“It is more important for Žan to find out who cast those two votes,” Mateja thought, explaining to the camera that his moves and actions have a strong influence on Suzana.

The other contestants tried to tell Suzana that Žan had clearly played with Suzana’s feelings. Is the love between them over?

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