Marcel experienced a shock in front of the cameras


Tonight’s news will pin Marcel on the back burner. The competitor will be so shocked that he will not be able to hide his amazement.

On tonight’s show Farm you will Marcela seen in a slightly different light. While he usually serves up a confident attitude and statements that seem to calm him down with a reasonable explanation in even unpleasant situations, this time he won’t have time to think before reacting. He did not expect the news, which will hit him like a bolt from the blue, so he will remain silent for a few moments, wondering what is happening. His reaction will amuse some of his teammates, because they will find it priceless that the ground has been swept away from under his feet. Even Marcel will admit that he had no idea what they were up to, and you will see what shook him so emotionally in tonight’s show, after 9 p.m. on POP TV.

Marcel went numb

photo: VOYO

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