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David Amaro among the top 12 in the Croatian Superstar show

David Amaro among the top 12 in the Croatian Superstar show
David Amaro among the top 12 in the Croatian Superstar show

Slovenian musician David Amaro, whom Slovenia met in our show Znan obraz oj svo glas, has decided to take on a new challenge in his career. He decided to try out for the Croatian show Superstar, in which Severina, one of his favorite singers, is also sitting at the judging table. David didn’t just try out, David proved himself as he found out this past weekend that he made it into the top 12 contestants and is moving on to the live taped shows.

David Amaro is in a Croatian show Superstar, which our southern neighbors can follow on RTL, proved that he is an exceptional musician. He impressed so much at the audition Severino like Tonči Huljić. Tonči even told him at the time that he brought the whole package to the audition stage – from emotions to looks and vocals.

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David has proven himself in such a way that he is now ranked among the top 12 performers. But before he made it to the top 12, he had a long way to prove himself, as he had to sing once again by himself, and then in a group with fellow contestants. “Yes, there were quite a few challenges, the biggest one being that I only slept two hours in 48 hours and then I went in front of the entire Balkans and a jury of five great people with those two hours of sleep. The whole process is a huge test, even for myself you see where you stand both vocally and mentally.”

He says he was very happy and proud of himself when it was announced that he had made the top 12. And the judges’ favorite comment? “There were quite a few of them. Severina said out loud that she wanted to come to my concert and just listen and watch me all evening and enjoy my voice and smile. Tonči’s comment also meant a lot to me when he said that I a true chameleon who sings each song differently and each time in his own way. These are really great words from great people who mean a lot to me.”

He admits that he is nervous, even though he has quite a bit of experience (remember: he also performed with Take That), he still remains: “I’m working on getting rid of this stage fright, because every time I have it a little beyond the healthy limit. I’m a heavy perfectionist, and that’s where the stage fright and the desire to show myself the best I can come from.” Because he has something to do with the Superstar show, he is currently in Zagreb most of the time, as he has quite a few rehearsals with singing teachers, as the recording of further shows will take place live: “The show will be live with the band, so there is a lot of coordination with them too, so that everything will be fine in the show. But I would really like to thank everyone for their support, because it is really huge in Slovenia. I will do my best to you will be proud of me after the performance.”

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