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Contestant in tears again: “It’s worse than hell”


“Now we had a meeting because Alen told them that the scapegoat would be Marcel. Suzana was saying in the kitchen that if Marcel is, he will choose Nuša as the scapegoat and they think that I told you that and that she Alen changed his mind because of this,” will be Patricia at first she trusted Nushiall tearful, she will admit in private that she feels terrible because of these false accusations: “Worse than hell.”

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The contestant spoke honestly about the loss in the family

Nuša will just shake her head at all this. “It’s very bad for me that Patricia is being mistreated like this. I don’t know if they want Patricia to go crazy or if they want to completely destroy her mentally. I really don’t know what kind of people I’m in here with,” she will comment, all horrified.

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Something like this has never happened before in the show

“I cry in front of them, I can’t live anymore, and they don’t care. The important thing is that they step on me,” will add Patricija, who faces a very difficult decision. The clan asks her to vote for her best friend Nuša the next day during the second scapegoat vote, for which Patricija will admit that she has no heart.

And then a shocker: The greatest enemies have joined forces

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And then a shocker: The greatest enemies have joined forces

“I’m afraid of tomorrow. I’d rather not even wake up in the morning, because everything will depend on tomorrow,” the worried Patricija will complain.

So what will she do and what will be the consequences of her decision for the other contestants? Don’t miss the varied events that you will be able to attend POP TV followed already tonight at 9:00 p.m. You can always watch the missed episodes on VOYA.



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