She talks about the boy she gave her heart to

She talks about the boy she gave her heart to
She talks about the boy she gave her heart to

Nuša Maloprav with a boy

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Nuša Maloprav has a clever boyfriend who would definitely do well in the Kmetija show. Why? Check …

Nušo Maloprav to this day, it still makes her laugh how her two most important people, her father and her boyfriend, are related Gregoror Gregas they call him. “It’s really funny to me that Greg and my father have the same birthday, and that both are Taurus according to their horoscope, and that in 2024 they both have a round anniversary,” the popular contestant tells us Farms and adds that her husband is otherwise connected, they understand each other well, which is especially important since they live together.

Grega, with whom the couple has been dating for four years, is a simple man and that is exactly what won her heart. “He is a simple, friendly, hardworking, resourceful and bright boy,” she praises him and confides in us that she likes everything about him and that at the same time he means everything in the world to her.

But what does Nusa’s heartthrob do?? “Grega enjoys his job at Gomark – Lancman, where they take care of professional equipment for foresters, fruit growers and winemakers. At home, he deals with me,” she laughs and explains that they love to roll up their sleeves and create something together. “Many times we imagine mini-projects for the surrounding area or for the house, such as making a garden set from pallets, a high beam, etc.. In our free time, we like to go to the cinema, to the hills, for some pampering or somewhere to eat well,” laughs Nuša, who also combined pleasure and prudence in her plans in case of victory. As she explained before entering the show, she would spend part of the prize on a good vacation, and put the rest into a savings account.

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