Cedevita Olimpija returned from Belgrade with a victory

Cedevita Olimpija returned from Belgrade with a victory
Cedevita Olimpija returned from Belgrade with a victory

In the 7th round of the ABA regional league, the basketball players of Cedevita Olimpija defeated FMP 96:84 (25:26, 42:58, 69:80).

Cedevita Olimpija jumped to the top of the table in the ABA league with 12 points, at least temporarily, after their fifth win and two defeats. Thanks mainly to Jake Blažič, Karel Matković and Klemno Prepelič, the Slovenian representatives slightly corrected the impression after the collapse of the system in the last quarter when they lost to the European baskets in Venice.

The people of Ljubljana started today’s match a little worse, but then, thanks to the partial result of 11:0 and the moody Blažič and his 14 points, they won the first quarter by a point.

Halfway through the second quarter, Cedevita Olimpija’s advantage grew to eleven points (47:32), thanks to effective play in the attack and better three-point shooting. Klemen Prepelič continued to play well with his teammates, and thanks to his eight passes in the first half, the guests got the highest advantage of +19 (58:39).

At the break, the people of Ljubljana, who were again led by Simone Pianigiani from the bench after a long absence due to health problems, took a 16-point lead, and in the third quarter, with a partial score of 12:1, the home team quickly came within five points.

At that time, Prepelič was the only one who kept pace with the increasingly playful basketball players from Železnik and scored a double-double after just a few minutes of the third quarter. In addition, the Slovenian national team mainly played Karel Matković, which increased the advantage of the people of Ljubljana to 11 points before the last quarter.

Although the home team overshot in the last half, the Slovenian representatives, unlike the match in the middle of the week in the European League, crushed a possible turn in the bud with baskets at the right moments. Especially Blažić’s baskets for 88:78 and 92:80 finally broke the resistance of FMP.

Cedevita Olimpija excelled at free throws, hitting as many as 27 of 29 attempts, and also had a strong rebound (44:26). Blažič was the top scorer with 24 points, Matković added 19 points, and Prepelič had 15 points and 14 assists. At home, six players exceeded the limit of ten points, and Marko Pavićević scored the most, 16.

Cedevita Olimpija will host Partizan in the next round of the ABA league on November 20. In the meantime, she will be active in the European Cup against Hamburg in Stožice on Wednesday.

FMP – Cedevita Olimpija 84:96 (25:26, 42:58, 69:80)
FMP hall, 723 spectators, referees: Jovčić (Serbia), Hadžić (Croatia), Karović (BiH).
FMP: Watson 2, Zivanović 12 (2:3), Subotic 13 (3:4), Pavićević 16 (0:2), Walker 14 (4:6), Saranović 3, Luke 11, Besson 13.
Cedevita Olimpija: Stewart 16 (2:3), Sow 3, Radović 4, Glas 5, Blažič 24 (7:7), Matković 19 (7:7), Prepelič 15 (7:8), Jones 10 (4:4 ).
Free throws: FMP 9:15, Cedevita Olimpija 27:29.
Three-point shot: FMP 9:28 (Luke 3, Živanović 2, Walker 2, Saranović, Besson), Cedevita Olimpija 5:16 (Prepelič 2, Sow, Glas, Blažič).
Personal fouls: FMP 22, Cedevita Olimpija 19.
Five personal: /.

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