Conversations with friends – TV program on

Conversations with friends – TV program on
Conversations with friends – TV program on

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Conversations with Friends

Sequel / Drama,

1. season,

2. part, Ireland

min | IMDB: 6.8 |

The series Conversations with Friends is a television adaptation of Sally Rooney’s literary debut, which was published in 2017.

Melissa also invites Bobbi and Frances to the birthday party. Shocked, Bobbi brings her a present. Frances finds herself alone with Nick, who is smoking weed and pretty dazed. The attraction between them is so strong that they spontaneously kiss. Frances doesn’t know what to make of this. Frances also visits her mother and father, who are divorced and live in a small seaside town.

Frances is a twenty one year old student. She is highly intelligent, but finds herself in a series of relationships that force her to confront her own vulnerability. Her ex-girlfriend is the confident and outgoing Bobbi, who remains her best friend despite the end of the relationship. At one of the performances in Dublin, the poetry lovers meet the writer Melissa and her handsome and reserved husband Nick, who is an actor. While Melissa and Bobbi openly flirt, Nick and Frances embark on a secret relationship that surprises them both and puts Frances and Bobbi’s bond to the test.

Directed by:
Lenny Abrahamson

They play:

Alison Oliver


Sasha Lane


Robert Mitchell


Jemima Kirke


Tadhg Murphy


Sally Garnett


Rory Nolan


Joe Alwyn


Justine Mitchell


Tommy Tiernan

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