Touching background of the winning performance: What didn’t the cameras catch?


Nina at the moment of the announcement

photo: POP TV

Nina Sirk secured her ticket to the finals with her stellar performance at Talenti, but among the touching moments of the evening we can also attribute an unexpected reaction from behind the camera…

That she is a mother Nina Sirk trembled with fear because of Nina’s state of health before the performance, we already trusted you, and now we share with you the moments that unfolded when the finalist of the show Slovenia has talent finished her performance. Although the excitement of the audience created a commotion, Nina’s mother stood out the most among the audience in the studio Martina Pahor, whose face reflected so many strong emotions that it was impossible to remain indifferent when looking at her. Nina was also moved.

Nina Sirk with her mother Martina Pahor

photo: Stella Čebin

“My mother’s reaction was somewhat expected – unexpected. I expected it to touch her, because it had already happened, but I had no idea it would happen in this way. It’s hard for me to express what I mean by this, but simply seeing her so happy and proud warmed my heart. I am really grateful to her for supporting me from the beginning and helping me in any way she can.” explained Nina, adding that for her the most moving end of the performance was when she saw her mother in the audience standing up for joy, clapping her hands high and beaming with pride. “It really moved me. Later, I cried in her arms and thanked her for everything,” confided the finalist, who charmed those present in the studio with her modesty and gratitude. Do they have fingers in between here too mom? She is like that in character was it influenced by home upbringing? “I would say it’s a mixture of both. That’s how I was brought up and that’s how my heart leads.”


She conjured up a stunning performance for the audience.

photo: POP TV


Nina at the moment of the announcement

photo: POP TV


Nina did not hide her emotions at the announcement. Tears poured down her face.

photo: POP TV

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