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Tamara really knew what was waiting for her


Tamara Talundzic

photo: composite photo

Although the turn of events surprised many, Tamara knew that she would fight to stay on the property. Are you wondering why she didn’t act? You are welcome to read the chat…

29-year-old mother Tamara Talundzic we are in the show Farm recognized as an empathetic, honest and diligent competitor. Relationships made her both laugh and cry, she shared the feelings that the situation on the estate awakened in her with the camera without hesitation. However, she later surprised with her determination and skill in the field of tactics. She glided almost imperceptibly into the role of leader of her clan, and at times she even seemed to have fun playing it in a juvenile way.

Tamara did not hide her tears from the cameras.

photo: POP TV

Tamara, how do you see everything? Was it difficult to maintain a balance between your own values ​​and the reality game?

I think that I showed my true self on the farm, I’m glad that it’s shown that way and I think that, based on the reactions I’m receiving, that the audience somehow accepted me! But it’s true that somehow I expressed my opinion the loudest, and we always made decisions together as a clan! So it wasn’t difficult for me, because I had great people by my side!

It seemed that you were making the right steps, but then there was an unexpected turn – you became the second duelist. Was that moment painful for you or were you aware that the tables could turn at any moment?

No, it didn’t hurt me, it’s a game and sooner or later it would be my turn. But I knew that I would be the second duelist. Otherwise, she could have told her clan and maybe we could have prevented it.


Tamara Talundzic

photo: POP TV

Why didn’t you do that?

Because somehow I secretly wanted to go home, because my daughter turned five years old.

What do you think today, was it a good decision to join the Kmetija show?

There were good days and bad days on the farm! I met Maja and Alena – I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world! I have the feeling that I was in the right place at the right time, so I think the decision to apply was the right one.

You didn’t take home a monetary prize, but you are richer for new experiences, acquaintances and lessons. Which of the latter would you highlight?

I got to know my true self on the farm. I gave a chance to people who definitely wouldn’t have it in the outside world! I learned patience and, most importantly, I learned to appreciate food and let people come closer to me.


She did well in the role of head of the family.

photo: POP TV

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