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Farm: Tamara and David competed in the arena. Who is the winner?


In the last broadcast of the Kmeti show, they entered the arena Tamara and David. Tamara, who became the second duelist, could choose the order of the duel. She chose in order: strength, skill and knowledge.

Before the start of the match, she is the leader Natalia told David that if he is not mistaken, a woman is standing opposite him for the first time.
“Regardless of who is standing against you, it is right that you respect them, you take everyone seriously. So, yes, I will go at it the same way I did against Gregor,” David let it be known that he does not underestimate Tamara.


Natalija then asked Tamara how she felt about being chosen as the second duelist. “Well, kind of okay. Well, that’s the game. Well, I’ll accept it. Sooner or later I’d be on the wallpaper. If not this week, next week,” said Tamara.

Tamara won in power

Tamara, who first chose power, confidently told the production: “I believe I am strong!”
She also proved this by beating David in a game called Čaplja. The game was seemingly easy but very tiring. The two contestants had to keep their balance, and their muscles were of great importance.


David won in skill

Then the two duelists competed in skill, in a game called the Full Hit. David won and tied the score.
The third game will decide, i.e. knowledge of practice.

Who will be the winner of the big match will be known in the next show.

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