A beauty who has been loved by Alen Ploj for 17 years

A beauty who has been loved by Alen Ploj for 17 years
A beauty who has been loved by Alen Ploj for 17 years

Alen and Sana

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Current competitor Kmetija Alen Ploj has a shapely beauty at home. Before he waved her off to the Farm, they were able to celebrate the 17th anniversary of their relationship.

In one of the past broadcasts of the show Farm it is Allen received a letter from his fiancee. As he explained, her thoughts on paper mean more to him than a recording or a video call, because he will be able to return to the letters whenever he wants. But who is actually the girlfriend of the restrained and respectful contestant who does not like to expose herself during the course of the reality show?

She won the heart of a personal trainer more than a decade ago Sana Grah Amidžić. Like him, a healthy lifestyle means a lot to her, so it’s no surprise that they went hand-in-hand into the business world. Alen and Sana, who is also a vegan, have a fitness and therapy studio, where they offer many options for maintaining and strengthening physical health and well-being. Sana is a qualified kinesiologist, yoga teacher and massage therapist.

The engaged couple rarely share their private lives with the public, Alen in particular is reserved, and Sana a little less so, who only makes people happy with some loving glimpses on the social network from time to time.

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