Such a wonderful girl is Sofia Chernitsyna, who will step on the semi-final stage of Slovenia has talent on Sunday


Sofia Chernitsyna is a barely 19-year-old girl who moved from Russia to Slovenia three years ago. She impressed at the audition and on Sunday we will be able to watch her in the semi-final show Slovenia has talent.

Sofia she is no ordinary teenage girl. She is a great singer and actress. She wants to continue in this direction, although she does not yet know exactly what she will do in the future. At the audition for Slovenia has talent, she performed a song by a singer Björk and left the jury speechless, as well as the viewers. What she will sing on Sunday is not yet known, but one thing is certain – she will not disappoint.

In the audition show, she wore a very interesting outfit that impressed Yes Klašnjaand we found some photos showing her beautiful figure.

Sofia is no ordinary teenager. Source:

Sofia is gorgeous in every way.

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