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As we have already written, in presented to the sixth audition show of the Croatian show Supertalent Beatrice McQueef, a surgical assistant whose grandmother, grandfather and father were also doctors. Everyone in her family was musically talented, so she was encouraged to learn to play. So she started playing the flute in primary school, but was told by her teacher that there was no hope for her, and Beatrice eventually discovered that she could play the flute – with her genitals. With this talent, she impressed the audience and part of the jury, who were stunned and speechless, but despite this, jury member Maja Šuput managed to recognize that it was the melody of the song Ida maca oko tebe. dr. Beatrice did not qualify for the next round.

“Shameful, humiliating and disgusting”, “She shouldn’t even have finished on stage, big mistake of those who decide on this”, “Get this crap off the TV immediately, the kids are watching it”, “Well, those from the jury really don’t have it all head … I just wonder who allowed such a simple show … Well, how far we’ve come,” wrote viewers who were shocked by the last scene they saw.

Beatrice also played the flute in France’s Supertalent after the children were removed from the studio

McQueef also played flute in the French version of Supertalent last year. Then she is their manager Karine Le Marchand asked minors to leave the studio. The performance was similar to the one you saw last night, and the French audience was shocked. “Instead of being embarrassed about it, I thought, ‘I can make something fun out of this,'” Beatrice said at the time. On the other hand, her play did not win over the French jury and did not advance to the next stage of the competition. She got two red buttons.

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