(WE RECEIVED) All bridges fly into the air – about the neo-communist revolutionary government of dr. A pigeon

(WE RECEIVED) All bridges fly into the air – about the neo-communist revolutionary government of dr. A pigeon
(WE RECEIVED) All bridges fly into the air – about the neo-communist revolutionary government of dr. A pigeon

It says: Frančiška Buttolo

The demolition of Slovenia on a whim or “All the bridges fly into the air, the broken track lies there” is an image of the current government’s actions. When I listened to various radio reports this morning, I thought that in our country, if we follow the media, very few people actually know that the Second World War ended almost eighty years ago (1945). Everywhere there is coverage of successful demolitions, for example bad healthcare, bad agriculture, bad cultural institutions, bad democracy, bad media.

A frightening, martial law-like atmosphere spreads from almost all the media, because practically no stone is left unturned “the way it used to be”, since they – after winning the elections (similar to Mussolini, with the squad actions of the March 8 Institute and the communist bikers OF ) – left-wing, more or less communist ministers “captured” all government departments. Unbelievable. It is as if the well-known partisan song was brought from all the media in the reports: “All the bridges are blown up, the broken line lies there…” Except that the current partisans are destroying everything alive not to prevent the victory of the Nazi occupier, but in order to destroy Janschism forever. very successful in all areas of governance when the governments were in power under the leadership of independence-winners Lojze Peterlet (implementation of independence and democratization in 1991), Janez Janša, three times successful prime minister, and Mr. dr. Andrej Bajuk. That is why left-wing Yugonostalgics are now shouting: “Death to Janšism! Long live the communist partisan army! We don’t give a museum of the revolution! We want narco-kolkhozes! Communist censorship in all media!”

At seven o’clock in the morning (January 22, 2023), prominent representatives of “the greens” (who always become “the reds” when in power) proposed to the government to “abolish” agriculture. Green advisor for green agricultural policy, Mrs. Jadranka Juras, this empathetic lady who taught us some time ago that UN and NATO soldiers, including Slovenian ones of course, are killing the “local population”, which, at least according to her, should be humanely left to the aggressors and to the terrorists, yes, this Juras lady has suggested an immediate solution for livestock on farms in radio reports. She probably had in mind an immediate “solution* of the livestock issue, rather Nazi-style, with the immediate slaughter of all Slovenian livestock. There is no other way to immediately “terminate” livestock. Jurasova’s Green colleague added that there is no need to demolish anything, neither farms nor barns, due to the abolition of livestock farming. Farmers will then sow organically grown “marijuana” (the best and most expensive for the political elite) in the fields, and they will grow mushrooms in the barns, probably crazy mushrooms, because they are more profitable than ordinary ones. Yes, “mushrooms”, that’s exactly what the representative of the Greens said this morning (January 22, 2023) at seven o’clock on the public – already entirely Svoboda, but not free – radio Prv.

Contrary to the somewhat vague reports of the successful destruction of agriculture and the introduction of narco-kolkhozes – or what? – the communication about the “blasting” of Slovenian cultural monuments was very clear and direct. “Full” cultured Minister of Culture dr. Asta Vrečko, a professor from “philofsks”, accustomed to everything bad in culture, including the collapse of the Fotopub, the favorite bar of protest cyclists, announced to home and the world in a single sentence: “Independent Slovenia is no more, I have successfully blown it up.”

Of course, the lady had in mind the Museum of Slovenian Independence, as well as the fact that she would display its ruins “discreetly”, in accordance with her professionalism, in the former museum of the revolution, the communist revolution, which Slovenians hypocritically rename every ten years in order to hide its the real content and mission – the glorification of communism (that is, Stalinism, of course, in practice, not in theory).

The minister knows very well that the more the museum is about the independence of Slovenia and about the liberators (“of course”), for example dr. Far from the eyes of Pučnik, the father of Slovenian independence, Tito, Kardelj and Kidrič will be all the more in the hearts of Slovenians. That’s why dr. The bag was “exploded” by the Museum of Slovenian Independence. Let all the bridges fly in the air so that we can get rid of Yanshiism forever.

In the left-wing media, all the main topics about political events are a single call to the government to demolish, demolish, demolish Slovenia. I think that in recent days only the plan to demolish public health care has stopped a bit. Because it has already been successfully demolished to the ground. More than anyone can think, that’s how the Prime Minister Dr. Pigeon. The minister promised a new public healthcare system, digital, actually virtual. So: public healthcare will be virtual and digital or fiction (like socialism), and private, in fact private, will be the only real or concrete one. Very specifically, also with foreign investments, for example for covert experimentation with new drugs, which is “fully” profitable for the private “dohtar” and the political mafia. This government, to a large extent together with the Mayor of Ljubljana, Jankovič, however – as everything shows – strongly supports private healthcare in a fine way. Is it corruption? Let it be private, but the most important thing for the country is honest public healthcare. Without it, there is no country, only the great slaughterhouse Fascism. Mostly, private individuals – mostly communist – will make a lot of money if they also experiment on the poor, who – as if helping them – will be treated by “benefactors” practically for free. Because the costs for them will be reimbursed, with high rewards, by investors for “experimental” medical work. Very concretely paid, even with concrete sacrifices. It has even been awarded the Nobel Prize many times.

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