(LETTER FROM A READER) Mrs. Angela Vode told me precisely…

(LETTER FROM A READER) Mrs. Angela Vode told me precisely…
(LETTER FROM A READER) Mrs. Angela Vode told me precisely…

It says: Frančiška Buttolo

About the Pohor Battalion, Dražgoš and Stalinism in the NOB, even if it will harm the re-emergence of the communist dictatorship in Slovenia…

Every normal person’s heart breaks when they learn about the Pohor tragedy or the end of the Pohor battalion. Eternal glory to all the fallen!

But – the heroic death of the Pohora Battalion has not the slightest connection with the sweet “history”, the nostalgic South-West t-shirts with red stars and all the tasteless “ceremonial” at yesterday’s masquerade event, which was staged by Mr. Kučan and “his” president of the country, right out of breath from of all his last obligations. It’s no mean feat when an inexperienced newly minted politician has to prepare in a couple of days for a demanding comedy performance in the most watched entertaining and critical TV show “What’s going on?”, as well as for the funeral of an emeritus pope in the Vatican and for a fairly strenuous ascent to Osankarica, where he will have celebratory speech on the anniversary of the heroic death of the Pohor Battalion, on the anniversary of one of the greatest Slovenian war tragedies. Supposedly the “Slovenian Masada” (as reported by the Slovenian communist media. Which proves that they have no idea either of what really happened in Pohorje, or of what really happened in the fortress of Masada. And who It’s just tourist propaganda at any cost.

About what is known to all Slovenian historians, namely about the communist plan for the sacrifice of the famous Styrian battalion, about the plan for sacrifice, which was in fact responsible for the death of the entire battalion, about this communist plan cunningly planned in the Slovenian and Yugoslav leadership – terribly treacherous – the plan, and even though historians know a lot about it, everything is still silent about it. It’s like he wasn’t there. Because the truth would harm the resurgence of the communist dictatorship in Slovenia.

Well, he was. Very similar and carried out in the same – Stalin’s – hoof, as the plan for the tragedy in Dražgoše, Gorenje,

Mrs. Angela Vode, one of the best experts on Stalin’s influence on the Slovenian communists, also one of the best experts on the relations between the Slovenian communists in the partisan army, was intimately familiar with Stalin’s demands related to the plans of the Slovenian and Yugoslav Parties, that for the victory of the communist revolution as many as possible casualties – civilian and military – but not as few as possible. After all, only referring to the enemy’s victims can consolidate post-war communist power.

Stalin constantly warned the southeastern partisan military leaders that they must not be bourgeois, that they must not spare their lives if they want to win and consolidate their power after the war. The greater the number of victims of the occupier, the stronger their post-war power will be. Because they will be able to refer to them and write historical epics about them.

In such a situation, Mrs. Vode told me, the most important communists from the most bourgeois strata of the Slovenian party were under attack. Sooner or later, Tito’s closest associates demanded from them some convincing proof that they were no longer citizens. One of them was a very ladylike comrade from Trieste bourgeois circles. He, all refined and elegant, took the main part of the responsibility for fulfilling Stalin’s wish that the Slovenian communist partisan army would carry out a resounding attack on the German occupier in Styria as well. This gentleman from Trieste knew very well that at that time any clash between a poorly armed partisan army and a German army in full combat power would be a simple suicide. He also knew that anyone who would then expose any partisan formation to a German counterattack would be an ordinary war criminal. But the gentleman had almost no choice. But some other gentleman would have taken over his task, because he would have been shot if he had not decided to sacrifice the Pohorski Battalion. After all, for all the victims of the German occupier, the occupiers are, and will always be, to blame, not those who resisted the occupier. And that’s how the gentleman from Trieste became a trusted Slovenian, Yugoslav and even Stalin communist. Such is the whole secret of the plan to sacrifice the Pohor battalion. Everything else is just his tragic realization. It is not known whether, in Stalin’s eyes, it contributed significantly to the greater recognition of the Slovenian partisan army. For him, Slovenia was only the westernmost part of the Balkans.

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