(LETTER FROM A READER) About the renewed tradition of fighting with a rifle and a book, except that instead of Kocbek, with Tonin

(LETTER FROM A READER) About the renewed tradition of fighting with a rifle and a book, except that instead of Kocbek, with Tonin
(LETTER FROM A READER) About the renewed tradition of fighting with a rifle and a book, except that instead of Kocbek, with Tonin

Statistics on Soroseven Slovene 2022

(Since the vast majority of Slovenians are no longer Slovenian, at least around 60 percent, everything in this article applies exclusively to real Slovenians.)

The last elections and referendums clearly showed what a true Slovenian is like in the outgoing year of 2022. Above all, he is greedy for money. Now, the world banker and the world prophet, who in his globalist ideology unites all three of the biggest totalitarianisms of the last century, are most flattered. Surprisingly, the personality of Slovene 2022 is very much in line with the values ​​of Soros’ totalitarian ideology, which is already victorious almost throughout the Western world.

Probably because it is most characteristic of Slovenians that they strive to implement new values ​​with guns and books.

Therefore, in 2022, Soros’ Slovene tried to first liquidate all the worst “Janšistas”, i.e. all the active political right gathered in SDS, with a gun (in reality with violence against those who think differently). Because all other parties, even the ostensibly right-wing ones, agree with Soros’s globalist values. So they are moving forward with the times, they would say in the Vatican. In everyday political parlance, this means that police posters with pictures and appeals to the people to liquidate the wanted “jansista” as soon as possible – at least politically, if there is no other way. Sorosev Slovene 2022 is impressed, because he sees in this method of partisan struggle the continuity of the struggle of the OF, to the greatest extent against the enemies of Stalinism in the Second World War.

The second way of fighting Soros’ Slovene 2022 with a gun is to use violence against passive “Janšists”, those who could dangerously – in a communist way – reduce the wealth of the hardest-working part of the honest Slovenian nation – with Russian dachas, the most expensive snobbish cars according to Tito’s example, with capital in tax havens and with total – “democratic” and with all possible, especially mafia, political power. After all, the “Janšists” are trying with all their might to “fuck” the most vulnerable groups, the old, the sick and the poorest groups of citizens, those who have not achieved anything in their lives, not even a combatant’s pension, at least in the fifth generation, to extend their “somewhere to infinity” “fucking” miserable living. Saving the country from the communist dictatorship of sick old people and other miserable “crazy people” is certainly the political task of Soros’ Slovene 2022. But not by prolonging their low-quality lives. That is why they advocate humane euthanasia. Not the kind used by Tito’s heroes in the Hell Caves, this kind of euthanasia belongs to the previous century. Now we have at our disposal better, even more effective, almost unprovable and without postmortem remains, those “fucking” bones that the “Janšists” are constantly bringing to light. The fight for the adoption of a law on this kind of very good and as short-term care as possible for the most vulnerable should continue until the end, until the adoption of Tonin’s law on euthanasia. In fact, on the first morning after the euthanasia of three SDS referendums, Tonin – as befits a Christian – announced to the home and the world that the only thing left to do now is to completely collapse the SDS, and to offer Meščev’s ministries to the NS, as the poor Mesec is completely incapable of sticking euthanasia needles. Christians have at least learned how to drive nails into Christ’s hands and feet.

But for the enforcement of humane euthanasia – with the slogan of the Silver Thread “The best euthanasia in every village!” – it is absolutely necessary to legalize this humanitarian activity as soon as possible, immediately. The March 8 Institute should provide cheerful propaganda. He will not lack money for her. Not even for renting puppies and kittens, but for their food. It will be sent by Soros’ Obama. Let’s hope that this law will also be put to a referendum at any time.

(About liquidations with the book in the following, also with the history of Fotopub, the communist RTVS from Kryča, about – at least the planned – forty Slovenian languages, native and southern, and similar “stables”.)

Referendum “stable”, 2

With a gun, and even more so with a book, we Slovenians destroyed our nation. It was not easy for the Communist Party of Slovenia to take appropriate action on Tito’s genius command that practically the entire Slovenian bourgeois culture should never again lead the beautiful Slovenian Alps. Many people were needed for this “progressive” cleansing of Slovenian culture. A few prominent cultured Slovenes, however, managed to escape and found new homelands, many especially in Argentina.

Because of all these facts about Slovenia’s new, communist, today we would call it “progressive” culture, it was nothing easier for the communists than to carry out a cultural revolution with massacres, to preserve the revolutionary, today we would call it “progressive” Slovenian culture, which, if we are honest, almost it wasn’t, because if we compare those few rakish Kajuh poems with those of Prešeren or Balantič, who are the pinnacle of Slovenian literary art, we can already see from afar that Kajuh’s are barely, barely, barely suitable even for a better partisan rally. Josip Vidmar, with good artistic taste, preferred European classics, including Russian ones, to partisan festivities rather than Slovenian communist art. And, thank God, only Kocbek actually reached higher, rather higher, than the lower branches. But Kocbek was not even a real communist, he continued his pre-war Western European creative path, a constant thorn in the side of the communists.

In short, only France Balantič, a vertiginous genius, the true successor of France Prešern, and Edvard Kocbek were the only prominent, true artists of Slovenian modernism. But then everything was quiet, Aškerc would say, he is always the only Slovenian epic poet.

In the sixties, Šalamun appeared and broke with tradition. He was aiming for a Nobel Prize, and, in all seriousness, he achieved nothing—except to prove that poetry no longer exists, at least not in Western culture. Therefore, Šalamun’s poetry is not the peak of Slovenian modernism, but the peak of the end of poetry, its absence, which Šalamun replaced with a mockery of all Slovenian poetic creativity. A true cultural nihilist.

However, Šalamun was the forerunner of such and such a culture, which now abounds in various photo pubs here. There is some of this kind of cynicism in other cultural institutions as well, everything is unoriginal and absolutely kitschy, and expensive as saffron.

With such a culture, the Slovenian nation really cannot survive the 21st century. This is because all artists knowingly just lie, deceive themselves and financially rip off Slovenian citizens.

(I didn’t mention the media, they are worse than art, the successors of the Stalinist Radio Kričač. I am not saying this because I am jealous of them because of the victory in the referendum, but because the media workers – mostly the worst, politically the most, quite tragically disfigured cultural figures – they literally take pity.)

Francisca Franca Buttolo

The article is in Slovenian

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