(LETTER FROM A READER) THREE TIMES AGAINST Stalinism in Slovenia! That’s why I will vote THREE TIMES AGAINST Sunday’s referendum!

(LETTER FROM A READER) THREE TIMES AGAINST Stalinism in Slovenia! That’s why I will vote THREE TIMES AGAINST Sunday’s referendum!
(LETTER FROM A READER) THREE TIMES AGAINST Stalinism in Slovenia! That’s why I will vote THREE TIMES AGAINST Sunday’s referendum!

It says: Franciska Franca Buttolo

Explanation of the referendum vote and explanation of Mrs. Prof. dr. Sandra Bašič* Hrvatin – about Stalinism in the current Slovenian political elite.

Dear professor, in last night’s (November 22, 2022) televised confrontations on RTS – about three referendums – you used some of the most common methods for rejecting the arguments of those who think differently than your favorite. You dismissed their arguments because they simply don’t fit – your – truth. Any further insistence of dissenters on their arguments, as is well known from the past, you called some kind of fabrications, something dangerous, close to right-wing totalitarianism, especially as far as RTS is concerned. Of course, you are only concerned with democracy.

Oh, well-known, very well-known, is the method that surpasses all others, even the most professional, far-left methods of persuading those who think otherwise!

When – even under Tito – someone discovered an inter-war or post-war communist murder site in Slovenia and said it publicly, it was soon “taken by the fog”. The authorities explained such “delusions” and inventions of the careless, usually very simple, even with sympathy, because he, the poor man, had lost his mind. After all, there were no communist murder sites on Slovenian territory. Because the Slovenian communists did not use Stalinist methods of reckoning with the opponents of communism. We were also not allowed to read the Slovenian emigrant press in Tito’s Yugoslavia. Apparently, it contained the ugly lies about the communists – always on the right side of history. Well, everything in the expatriate press was really not as it was written, quite the opposite. In it, the authors had a much, much too good opinion about Slovenian and Yugoslav communists. In reality, there were at least five times as many murders in Slovenia – and even more than five times as many victims of Stalinist reckoning with the “counter-revolution”, as stated by Slovenian emigration publications. Even now, wherever we dig a little deeper with a shovel or a pickaxe in forests and abandoned clearings in Slovenia, we see the remains of the victims of the Slovenian communist revolution. Do you even know the history of Slovenian victims of the communist revolution? Do you know the history of that, real, bloody revolution, when three armies – Mussolini’s, Hitler’s and Stalin’s (communist revolutionary) mercilessly killed across Slovenia. And it was this one, the third one, that was the scariest, because it lasted for half a century, and it’s still too alive now?!

Aha, but Stalin really wasn’t a Slovenian occupier!?

And this is where everything begins, and this is where everything ends. The current left-wing government, unfortunately, is a government that has no idea about Slovenia’s recent history. She is locked in her Stalinist scientific-historical Stalinist chicken coop, and in it she rants that communism is not Stalinism. At the same time, he already accepts the new methods of Stalinist internationalism (left globalism), “ennobled” by denationalizing Marxist multiculturalism, based on the destruction of Western civilization and culture –

1) with the destruction of the family (that legibitically rickety “as if” family is really not any kind of family, as nature basically dictates, even though man is also a social being, but not so much that he could completely renounce natural laws!);

2) by destroying nations (this is easiest with totalitarianism, clearly, historically proven);

3) with environmental intimidation and threats that we ordinary inhabitants of the planet live too well. And because of this, we are destroying the natural environment. Well, a handful must live well, because they are capable, hardworking, very important, they must live, of course, according to the Western models of the highest bourgeoisie. Obviously, this is also the case in Slovenia, because our “Maria Theresa” put it on our hearts that, in accordance with all other human duties of renunciation, we will also have to get used to the fact that she is Empress Maria Theresa, and we are “nobody and nothing”. (nobody and nothing). In fact, this statement of hers is supremely Stalinist.

Just that much – to explain to Mrs. Prof. dr. Sandra Bašič* Croatian.

Anyway, I’m not an expert on democratic media like you are, Professor. But I am sure that you are wrong about something. Namely, in the fact that you are more or less the right-wing political side of the Slovenian electorate, and even more so its representatives in parliament and in other functions, invent or lie about some, for Slovenian citizens and for Slovenia in general, very sad, very barbaric Stalinist totalitarian remnants of the communist past in our current left-wing politics.

That is why the left political option itself absolutely denies all these fabrications of the right about the communist media, the neglected elderly and the desire of the current rulers for a larger bureaucracy (as many as possible of their loyal Stalinist officials).

The current Slovenian left does not recognize that the communist essence of Slovenian society with all its ruthlessness, for example with the staged trials and imprisonment of many independence fighters, is kept in the most ruthless way possible by Tito’s Stalinism.

He also keeps it by deceiving and lying during elections and referendums, when he simply calls all the careless Stalinist influence that has remained in our society at the very top of politics (for example, the great party power of Mr. Milan Kučan) first-class democracy, democracy at the level of the core EU . Where some, rather it is on the level of Putin’s nuclear Stalinism.

This is also shown by the current political situation in Slovenia, when at the very top of state politics we have three severely mentally disturbed tycoon Stalinist figures (the first considers himself an energetic Napoleon, the second Marilyn Monroe with her skirt blowing in the wind in front of the state honor guard, and the third presents as Austro-Hungarian Empress Maria Theresa).

However, Slovenia got its hands on this “Maria Theresa” in the most democratic Kučan elections for the president of the country, of course by deceiving the citizens that the tycoon’s candidate is from the Russian Dacha (not from the Russian Chapel, but the left-wing Slovenian voters would also accept that if he said Kučan) is the most suitable choice for a person in the most responsible position in the country. Such a person currently most unites Slovenians or Kučan’s Stalinists and their ignorant and naive supporters. Such “democracy” will be defended even in referendums.

And so all three referendums will fail.

*Unfortunately, I could not find the soft č in the Slovenian alphabet.

The article is in Slovenian

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