(LETTER FROM A READER) Russian dacha – a double time bomb!

(LETTER FROM A READER) Russian dacha – a double time bomb!
(LETTER FROM A READER) Russian dacha – a double time bomb!

It says: Franciska Franca Buttolo

The sad – and seriously dangerous for Slovenia – truth about Dr. Nataša Pirc Musar, candidate for president of the country. Mrs. dr. Nataša Pirc Musar, candidate for president of Slovenia, is a deplorable and sympathetic victim of Kučan’s mafia clan, the worst politically abused person in recent European history. For her, Slovenia is really another Iran.

Madam presidential candidate dr. Nataša Pirc Musar as the president of the country, or double time bomb in the very top of Slovenia.

The danger, in the event of the election of the respected Mrs. dr. Nataše Pirc Musar for the president of the country is so big that I think it is necessary to draw the attention of the wider Slovenian public to it. Warn while there is still time.

It doesn’t even seem strange to me that, in fact, in this very decision of mine, I had to reconsider whether I should publish this conclusion, more times than in any other case since I have been writing readers’ letters for more than 50 years. I am aware that the example of the candidacy of Dr. Nataše Pirc Musar for the President of the State of Slovenia is very complicated, complex and – not least, if not perhaps in the first place – badly connected with the Slovenian communist financial mafia, especially with the Kučan clan.

Mrs. dr. Nataša Pirc Musar, according to my modest experience, but also fairly in-depth and critical observations, is not a negative person in any respect. She is a mature and responsible person, hardworking and personally very fair.

When I asked her for advice years ago, when she was an information officer, while writing one of my books, her colleague gave me a schematic answer on how to act correctly. It was a question about mentioning people in my biography for which I did not have any legal cover, for example publishing houses, institutions, politicians. Shortly after that schematic answer, I received a very long and diligent answer from Dr. Pirc Musar, for which I am still grateful to her.

It was the things she pointed out to me that saved me from the worst. In fact, an unknown person (male) complained to me on the phone that he was surprised that I had so skilfully avoided the pitfalls of personal lawsuits in the book. The guy just wailed in frustration (and anger). Yes, even in South Africa, the modern Slovenian welfare service (or what?) was looking for a suitable person, a relative of mine, who could complain, saying that without his consent I mentioned a relative of his, close enough to sue, for example the name and his mother’s last name. Thank you, Mrs. Dr. Musar. Mom is just mom in the biography. Ata is just ata.

What I fear, I fear very much, if Mrs. Dr. Pirc Musar is the president of the country, but the influence of her husband and Mr. Kučan, especially Kučan. In short: I am afraid of Kučan’s clan, which in recent months has been called the Russian Dacha Clan.

Even in these times of war, when Russia, with Putin at the helm, threatens even with an atomic bomb, Mrs. Dr. Nataša Pirc Musar bowed to the extremely indecent wishes of her husband and her supporter Mr. Kučan, a great friend of Putin’s and a great friend of Soros, that there had to be a formal celebration of the ranking of Mrs. Dr. Pirc Musar to the last round of elections, right in RUSSIA DACA.

I am sure that this was not the intimate wish of the candidate. This move of hers must have been forced. Both of her “masters” therefore do not even allow her to breathe freely.

Oh, poor Slovenia! Kučan is again holding the sharp blade of his party mafia clan to your throat. Just as he is holding it to the throat of the lady candidate for president of the country. No, women are not slaves only in Iran! Just think of the current Slovenian presidential candidate! Her case is an example of the worst humiliation of a woman in recent European history!

The article is in Slovenian

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