(WE RECEIVED) About “psychiatry” in Slovenian left-wing politics and its media

(WE RECEIVED) About “psychiatry” in Slovenian left-wing politics and its media
(WE RECEIVED) About “psychiatry” in Slovenian left-wing politics and its media

It says: Franciska Franca Buttolo

In the same way that educated authors who were critical of the authorities in Tito’s Yugoslavia were very happy to be sent to insane asylums so that the citizens would not believe them, so that they would not read their condemnations of the incompetent and criminal communist authorities of the time en masse, so now about many people – including me, of course – they say and write that he should be locked up and treated – apparently by Golob’s favorite psychiatrists, whom – especially as a politician – he trusts a lot. That’s why the Minister of Health is supposedly his best friend, which can be seen from afar, as it were, from an airplane.

Nice from dr. Pigeon, if he thinks so highly of psychiatrists. I frankly say that even I would not mind effective help in some dire need, for example – when I lose my job (as is happening now to many who are not true – pure – Freedom or dove race). Such a loss would result in my inability to pay off my loans, foreclosure, foreclosure of my child (because I would have neither housing nor money for him), severe condemnation of the environment, and finally an almost incurable addiction in which I would vainly seek the strength to do all these things. endured.

So, in principle, real help in mental distress wouldn’t even bother me that much. Of course, only if it was offered as a benevolent act and by good people, and not as some kind of political prison sentence (as has been the custom here for a long time) for my critical writing. In reality, no one is immune to occasional great stress, superhuman efforts, painful losses, defeats and fatal disappointments, when the advice of a good psychiatrist, maybe also a good priest, a trusted friend who knows this kind of unpleasant human hardships can help a lot. And how – and almost the only way – can help.

It is completely different with political psychiatric “help”. And this is exactly what it is about in all cases when the authorities, who have gone too far and too deep into some “slamming”, are afraid of a certain critical author. In order to silence him, as is known, they spread the “interesting” rumor about him that he is a “patient”. If there are not too many critics and if his writings are not read by a large number of citizens, as many do not read my articles, especially those dissatisfied with the authorities, this type of reporting will remain in the yellow press. That the writer is a little over the top, because too much – this is a mandatory complement – believes Janez Janša and supports him.*

But when it comes to an important political figure, then there is no mercy. Conviction follows conviction, prison after prison, and slander flows from morning to night through the “kao” independent media sewer. Acknowledgments for the “creativity” of this type of media mafia, still mentally healthy (even with a few too many udbo wheels), but with the worst digestive disorders, are given special, honorable places in their editorial offices – like Dr. in the lantern. It doesn’t matter if these people are at least badly addicted, morally perverted, corrupt until amen, spies, snoopers, traitors to the motherland, foreign mercenaries, thieves and sick hypocrites! Such is the modern media scene, the fourth branch of government.

It doesn’t matter if this media scene, sooner or later, ends up in politics, just like independent journalists. Kučan’s unique visible and invisible colleagues, of course, also needed them the most. And that’s exactly what they still need. They are especially welcome if they come from one of the southern republics of the former Yugoslavia, because they, mostly Yugonostalgics, mortally hate Janez Janša, the man who – after Triglav – is the highest modern symbol of independent Slovenia.


*For example, this is how Kučan’s supporters teach me: — “And why were the plebs above average motivated to go to the polls at all?? And ‘thanked’ the anti-virus fighter, Janša? Yes, because he had had enough of his divisive violence, closure, restrictions, protection and lies – yes, this time the so-called right-wingers also lied with all their might, why, only they know. Who knows what they had to sign in Brussels, that they so ‘generously’ opened their bag and poured (Jewish) money into them…” (Part of the comment under my yesterday’s (September 28, 2022) article So Slovenia is Dying.

The article is in Slovenian

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