(WE RECEIVED) The latest events on the right moved me, and the right-wing politicians – mostly – made me angry

(WE RECEIVED) The latest events on the right moved me, and the right-wing politicians – mostly – made me angry
(WE RECEIVED) The latest events on the right moved me, and the right-wing politicians – mostly – made me angry

It says: Franciska Franca Buttolo

How many times have I said to myself: “No more letters for Slovenia!” A hundred times, sure. But Slovenia still moves me, still angers me, still encourages me to write something about it. The strength of my joint every time can’t withstand the weight of the pain that gets worse and worse with almost every new look at some of the events or indisputably tragic facts about Slovenia and Slovenes.

Last week, at the end of September 2022, such an event was a magnificent gathering at Visoke, a gathering for the preservation of the center and center-right Slovenian media (television, portals, excellent weekly), which the left-wing authorities are threatening with beheading, bloody beheading, with a semi-official sentence, on which it would be written that they were canceled because they were fascist, even Home Guard. Huda jama, Kočevski Rog and other communist killing grounds were not only mentioned here and there, but often, in this dirty “democratic” process of the extreme left.

But the right-wing politicians, at least as far as the meeting at Visoke is concerned, seem somehow not interested in all this, even though they are also trying for a media referendum. When I saw the first televised footage from the meeting, my heart leapt at the wonderfully kind statement of a high church dignitary, a man who belongs to the European cream of the cream of intellectuals. How simple it seemed to him that he joined thousands of Slovenians on Visoke to preserve the mainstream center-right media. My breath was taken away by this truly high-profile visit. Our new genius chaplain Martin Čedermac?

Unfortunately, I expected in vain some other high spirit, as well as some more important personality from the political right. After a short period of joy, my heart soon ached badly. I thought: “What is wrong with these people?” Do they even care about Slovenes? Are, in fact, almost all of them, except for a couple of the most persecuted – with Messrs. Janša, Grims and probably also Tonin at the head – painted leftists who are pulling our noses? What disappointed me the most was the presidential candidate “for all Slovenians”, who believes that he will be elected if he moves away from the problems caused by the current extreme leftists in power.

But among these extreme left-wing rulers, unfortunately, there is not a single one, yes, not even half a single one, who would not want to exchange the Slovenian nation for any legal, but especially for illegal foreigners, so-called refugees. Among them, there is not a single quarter of a single current ruler, of course the leftist, who would not wish for the extinction of the Slovenes as soon as possible, in order to have a completely new, foreign electorate, enthusiastic for the new communism.

Everywhere in the Slovenian government we see a single dangerous Soros degenerate quasi-anti-Nazi-anti-racist, perverted (because of Hitler’s exaltation of the Aryan race, or what?) revenge against the entire white race. To everything that is related to its culture and civilization, even what concerns its – naturally based – way of human reproduction.

All of a sudden, those of us who are not of the right, non-white race are increasingly politically suspect, and anyone who is not white is automatically a respectable member of society. Will this, Soros’, racist direction sooner or later be even worse than Hitlerism?

Why and why does the current Soros-dedicated world politics confuse white nations with non-whites? That it is so is a bitter fact. And should all this be happening under the cleverly imagined guise of anti-racism, sexual freedom and almost a billion refugees more or less only because of climate change?

That all this is just a cover for the implementation of new racism and the destruction of nations, exclusively of the European white race, is a bare fact. The scientific studies and projects that support all these guises were probably well paid indeed, but the evidence in them is hair-raising and from afar reeks of new, thinly disguised racist tendencies and demands of the world (therefore all the more extremely dangerous, no less than Putin’s aggression!) left-fascist-racist politics, Sorosev’s “scientific” racist ideology, left-fascist Comintern, worse than Stalin’s.

Slovenian anti-fascist politics must – absolutely – oppose the current government. It is about the existence of Slovenes and Slovenia. We must resist in a democratic way, even though there will be victims, left-wing fascism – as is well known – knows no measure, no limits, no justice or mercy. And he has his secret butchers everywhere.

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