Why do some colleges still charge enrollment fees?

Why do some colleges still charge enrollment fees?
Why do some colleges still charge enrollment fees?
University of Ljubljana. Photo: Rok Omahen

The Ljubljana Student Organization (ŠOU) is concerned because more and more students are complaining that members of the university charge them registration fees, registration costs, as well as the costs of issuing certificates.

At SOU in Together with the Student Organization of Slovenia, with the principled support of all stakeholders in higher education, the City of Ljubljana, on April 6, in achieved the historic acceptance of the law regulating the situation of students by the National Assembly in letter to the rector of the university Gregor Majdič wrote the president of the SOU in Ljubljana Klemen Petek.

We are married in Article 14 also achieved a ban on charging enrollment fees, which represent a financial burden for students,” states Petek, who is convinced that such a practice is controversial and illegal. At the same time, he emphasizes that the university should be an example of good practice at the implementation of the law thereby, “when they are the first to ensure that students’ rights are not just a dead letter on paper, which are not respected by faculty management“.

Majdič told STA that the university at Unfortunately, she was not included in the consideration of the bill to regulate the situation of students, nor did she have the opportunity to participate at the formulation of legal provisions. According to him, the implementation of the amended law regarding the charging of enrollment fees will represent a substantial loss of income for the university. at and they don’t know how to replace it.

As he explained, it is a university at implemented the charging of enrollment fees, the provisions of the amended 77 of the article of the law on higher education and the transitional provision of the law regulating the situation of students, which stipulates that the mentioned article of the law comes into force with the academic year 2022/2023, i.e. with October 1. According to this article, for full-time and part-time studies, public higher education institutions may not charge enrollment costs (costs of selection procedures, enrollment documentation, index, student card, etc.). Other study contributions are charged to students according to the actual material costs incurred by public higher education institutions.

According to Majdič, the letter he wrote was taken into account in at the beginning of July this year, the Ministry of Education, Science and Sports addressed public higher education institutions. Based on the current legislation for the academic year 2022/2023, the University’s Board of Directors has thus adopted changes to the regulations on contributions and evaluation of costs at the University in Ljubljana and UL price list valid from October 1 furtherMajdič added.

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