(LETTER FROM A READER) About Ivan and Ivanka from Spodnja vas, members of the free non-governmental movement, now also in power (About strongly nachod – super-liberal – cultural Marxism)

(LETTER FROM A READER) About Ivan and Ivanka from Spodnja vas, members of the free non-governmental movement, now also in power (About strongly nachod – super-liberal – cultural Marxism)
(LETTER FROM A READER) About Ivan and Ivanka from Spodnja vas, members of the free non-governmental movement, now also in power (About strongly nachod – super-liberal – cultural Marxism)

It says: Frančiška Buttolo

When the historically pedagogical poetics that taught us to think dialectically was still modern in schools, as was most fashionable under Hegel’s philosophical idealist rule, but of course – especially in practice – also during the most idealistic reign of terror of the dialectical materialists of many communist “liberators” ” of the “people’s masses” in many countries around the world.

(Incidentally, it is a pity, because it is not clear why in this expression the emphasis is on the word folk, not perhaps animal masses, even vegetable or simply mathematical, although under these reigns of terror man, except for the privileged pure proletarian race of the workers’ leaders, was worth less than an animal , a plant, or even a number. For example, our communists never published the number of their – without judgments killed – victims. But soon after the victory of all their horrors, they promised “communism with a human face, although they still used the term “masses of people”.)

Anyway, the popular masses were liberated in the 20th century, and in the current, 21st century, dialectical cultural Marxists are upgrading their Marxist doctrine with the dialectical liberation of man – as an individual in the “popular masses”. Of course, when we read and listen to all these somewhat complementary Marxist theories in the media, we would expect visible improvements in the field of family life, for example, more opportunities to harmoniously combine work, raising children, and asserting oneself in the profession and in various non-professional activities, especially with interest and activity in public life, including in culture, and in the fields of relaxation and cultural entertainment.

Very little of this is in the programs of current cultural Marxists, and even less is realized. In the first place of personal freedom for cultural Marxists is the engagement of each individual with his sexuality. First in the entire process of upbringing and education, and then throughout life, until death with transformations and changes in one’s sexuality, for example, until a one-time free medical sex change every year. That’s how and nothing else. For example: Ivan and Ivanka from a certain Spodnja vas, who have known and love each other for a long time, will decide to get a loan for an apartment first, for a gender change. As soon as possible, as is now fashionable and politically desired, they will “legitimize”. She will be Ivan, and he will be Ivanka. But since they want at least two children, a girl and a boy, they will line up for adoption because they will not be able to have children themselves. They will curiously follow all traffic accidents and “family tragedies” that could bring them great happiness, the adoption of orphans without parents. Even those who would have been perfectly suitable for raising young grandparents, because nowadays it is not uncommon for some women to give birth at the age of forty-five. However, they may not replace the deceased parents of their grandchildren or adopt them. In short, Ivan and Ivanka from a certain Spodnja vas will finally start a family.

However, new problems will appear very soon. Adopted children, just like their biological parents, will want to change their gender, also because they will be strongly encouraged to do so at school. By changing one’s sex, a person is supposedly freed from all problems. Such a person becomes free. Free as a bird on a branch. The youth yearns for FREEDOM the most.

And the circular spiral of liberation, started by Ivan and Ivanka, thus continues. The 21st century is already – and will be even more so – the century of cultural Marxism. Maybe this cultural Marxism will lead to World War III, but it doesn’t have to. Rather, nature will rebel against him. As is well known and scientifically proven, they are not interested in slavery with a human face, any kind of capitalism with a human face, even less Stalinism, self-governing communism, cultural Marxism and similar ideological arsenals of exploitative, criminal and extremely stupid human intelligence. Nature has enough when it has had enough. Then – God help me. Yes, God or God, with all the restrictions and prohibitions of sinful life. And the fight for FREEDOM is likely to begin again. The dialectic will emerge again. However, only if we have not already wasted our – only – planet with our current insanities, in a strong desire for FREEDOM. Also in Slovenia, with the very well thought-out project Svoboda. One that leads us into the heart of the free man of the 21st century.

The article is in Slovenian

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