Cretu will no longer lead Slovenian volleyball players

Cretu will no longer lead Slovenian volleyball players
Cretu will no longer lead Slovenian volleyball players

Romanian strategist Gheorghe Cretu will no longer coach the Slovenian men’s volleyball team, which he led to fourth place at last year’s world championships in Slovenia and Poland. The Volleyball Federation of Slovenia failed to agree on an extension of cooperation with the recognized expert.

Gheorghe CretuPHOTO: Damjan Žibert

Gheorghe Cretu took over the Slovenian national team just over two weeks before the start of last year’s world championship. Under his leadership, our boys provided another volleyball euphoria, made it all the way to the semi-finals and achieved the greatest success in Slovenian volleyball with fourth place. “I regret that we could not reach an agreement. From the first day of our journey together, we had a good and correct relationship, but in life sometimes things don’t go the way we both want them to. We are sincerely grateful to Gianni in the management of the association and together with the players for everything he has done for our national team and for Slovenian volleyball during this period. We part as friends and wish him all the best in his further professional career,” said the President of the Volleyball Federation of Slovenia for the official OZS website Methodius Ropret.

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The national team season is very important for the Slovenian national team, which will start with appearances in the League of Nations, and in the future, the Slovenians will play in the European Championship and in the qualifiers for the Olympic Games in Paris.

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