Noel won in Schladming, Hadalin and Marovt without a final after a mistake by Kristoffersen

Noel won in Schladming, Hadalin and Marovt without a final after a mistake by Kristoffersen
Noel won in Schladming, Hadalin and Marovt without a final after a mistake by Kristoffersen

“Unfortunately, slalom again today without a second run. Štefan skied solidly, certainly fast enough for the second run, but it’s a shame about that mistake. The fact is that the January part of the slalom is over. Adelboden showed that Štefan has the speed that enables him to achieve higher results , but somehow in Wengen, Kitzbühl and Schladming today he didn’t manage to put together a good ride. Tijan, like in Kitzbühl, also skied solidly today. He just hit a peg, but for him it’s a school for the future. Tomorrow is the giant slalom here. The surface will be similar to today’s. The snow that fell did not do well. The course is icy, but it cannot withstand all the competitors, the skis are being made. The forecast is good, it will be harder and I expect a demanding giant slalom. This one is not too steep, except for the finish. Giant slalom it will be competitive, difficult because of the ground and it will probably be one good race. Jean has been training well and I expect him to compete well tomorrow.” said the coach of the men’s ski team after the match Klemen Bregant.

The men’s giant slalom will also be held in Schladming on Wednesday, as well as a night performance under the spotlights, in which the Slovenian favorite will take the top ranking. Žan Kranjec. More than 40,000 visitors watched the spectacle in Schladming tonight in the destination arena and along the track.

Before heading to the world championships in Courchevel, France from February 6 to 19, alpine skiers will compete in two more super giant slaloms this weekend in Cortina d’Ampezzo and a slalom on February 4 in Chamonix. Then, until the end of the season, there will only be slaloms in the USA in Palisades Tahoe and the final in Soldeu, Andorra.

Results of men’s slalom in Schladming:

1. Clement Noel (Fra) 1:48.97 54.96 54.01

2. Ramon Zenhäusern (Switzerland) 1:49.04 +0.07 54.85 54.19

3. Lucas Braathen (Nor) 1:49.35 +0.38 54.76 54.59

4. Manuel Feller (Auto) 1:49.42 +0.45 54.40 55.02

5. Loic Meillard (Switzerland) 1:49.57 +0.60 54.49 55.08

6. Atle Lie McGrath (Nor) 1:49.92 +0.95 55.92 54.00

7. Kristoffer Jakobsen (Sweden) 1:50.06 +1.09 56.43 53.63

8. Alexander Steen Olsen (Nor) 1:50.13 +1.16 56.64 53.49

9. Fabio Gstrein (Auto) 1:50.16 +1.19 56.43 53.73

10. Timon Haugan (Nor) 1:50.20 +1.23 55.63 54.57

– did not qualify for the 2nd run: Stefan Hadalin (English)

– withdrew in the 1st race: Tijan Marovt (English)

Standings in the World Cup (24/39):

1. Marco Odermatt (Switzerland) 1186 points

2. Alexander Aamodt Kilde (Nor) 961

3. Henrik Kristoffersen (Nor) 734

4. Vincent Kriechmayr (Auto) 677

5. Lucas Braathen (Nor) 645

6. Loic Meillard (Switzerland) 592

7. Manuel Feller (Car) 456

8. Alexis Pinturault (Fra) 437

9. Marco Schwarz (Auto) 383

10. Daniel Yule (Swiss) 334

14. Žan Kranjec (Slo) 290

65. Miha Hrobat (Slo) 67

67. Martin Čater (Slo) 65

77. Stefan Hadalin (Slo) 51

Special discipline total, slalom (7/10):

1. Lucas Braathen (Nor) 430 points

2. Henrik Kristoffersen (Nor) 389

3. Daniel Yule (Switzerland) 334

4. Loic Meillard (Switzerland) 307

5. Manuel Feller (Auto) 291

6. Linus Strasser (German) 240

7. Clement Noel (Fra) 232

8. Ramon Zenhäusern (Switzerland) 227

9. David Ryding (VBr) 166

10. Atle Lie McGrath (Nor) 165

38. Stefan Hadalin (Slo) 22

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