Scandal in Croatia! The widow of Iztok Puca also intervened in the brutal war

Scandal in Croatia! The widow of Iztok Puca also intervened in the brutal war
Scandal in Croatia! The widow of Iztok Puca also intervened in the brutal war

In Croatia, the performance of the national handball team at the World Championship was accompanied by quite a storm. The final ninth place was considered a failure.

The media, the fans, and even more so the former national team, are attacking the head coach Hrvoj Horvat. They attribute the greatest part of the blame to him and demand his replacement. The association has already confirmed today that the change in the selector position is only a matter of time.

Horvat further upset and shocked the Croatian public yesterday after the last match with Bahrain, when when asked by a journalist if he thought the federation still supported him, he just opened his mouth without uttering a single word. The Croatians characterized the move as inappropriate behavior.

Today, Jasenka Sparks, the widow of the legendary Slovenian handball player Iztok Puca, who also wore the Croatian jersey for part of his career, came to the defense of his brother. After publicly arguing with Petr Metličić last year, today she brutally attacked another former representative, Božidar Jović.

On Instagram (her post was deleted during the day), she pointed out in the title BOŽIDAR JOVIĆ = HUMAN MISERY (translated as HUMAN MISERY). Then she wrote: “What a shame that my late husband (Iztok Puc, op. p.) helped this disgrace of a man, that he left Bosnia, and that we hosted him at our home… That he is alive today, he can thank my deceased to the man who brought him from Bosnia to Croatia during the war. He’s so capable that he couldn’t even cross the border himself, but now he thinks his opinion counts. It’s nice to save a man’s life, but not every piece of shit is worth the risk.. . And Jović is one of those… How nice it is to be surrounded by elephants in Thailand, but not like my brother, who is surrounded by hyenas and vultures in Croatia.”

After yesterday’s last game, Jović commented on Horvat’s move in front of the TV cameras. “Shame on him. Both him and all those who appointed someone like that as a selector. It was a shameless disrespect to the journalist, the public and the handball player himself.”

Another sister, Vanja Horvat, the ex-wife of Zoran Mamić, also repeatedly defends Hrvoj. Their father is the legendary Bjelovar handball player Hrvoje Cvega Horvat. These days, former tennis player Borut Puc, Iztok’s son, also expressed his support for his uncle.

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