A surprise in Schladming, a Norwegian without a record wins over a Frenchman

A surprise in Schladming, a Norwegian without a record wins over a Frenchman
A surprise in Schladming, a Norwegian without a record wins over a Frenchman

Noel beat the Swiss by seven hundredths of a second Ramona Zenhäusern and by 38 hundredths the best slalom skier of the season, the Norwegian Lucas Braathn. Home trump Manuel Fellerwho attacked from second place in the final, finished the race in fourth place, and the first favorite and leader after the first run, the Norwegian, also broke under pressure Henrik Kristoffersen.

He was even attacking Schladming’s record today, he was chasing his fifth victory on the Planai track, but after some major mistakes, he only finished in 11th place. The twenty-eight-year-old thus remains at four victories and thus continues to be tied with the famous Austrian ace Benjamon Raich.

Noel, who was seventh in the first race, stepped on the gas in the second to record his first World Cup win of the winter and also his first in Schladming. The twenty-five-year-old Frenchman achieved his tenth victory in the World Cup, all in slaloms. The Olympic champion from Beijing also received a check in the amount of almost 50,000 euros for his victory at this venue.

Henrik Kristoffersen remains without a record.
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The two-meter-tall Swiss Zenhäusern was only seven hundredths of a second behind in second place, while Braathen was 38 hundredths behind in third place. Even after Schladming, Braathen remains wearing the red shirt of the season’s leading slalom skier.

For last year’s winner of this spectacle under the floodlights on the Planai track, German Linus Strasser, the race ended at the second gate when he made a mistake and retired.

Just like last weekend in Kitzbühl, the Slovenians did not prove themselves, Stefan Hadalin was too slow to qualify for the final with a time of 58.81 and finished the race in 39th place, Tijan Marovt but he retired in the first run.

The men’s giant slalom will also be held in Schladming on Wednesday, as well as a night performance under the spotlights, in which the Slovenian favorite for the top ranking will be Žan Kranjec. More than 40,000 visitors watched the spectacle in Schladming tonight in the destination arena and along the track.

Before heading to the world championships in Courchevel, France from February 6 to 19, alpine skiers will compete in two more super giant slaloms this weekend in Cortina d’Ampezzo and a slalom on February 4 in Chamonix. Then, until the end of the season, there will only be slaloms in the USA in Palisades Tahoe and the final in Soldeu, Andorra.


1. Clement Noel (Fra) 1:48.97 (54.96/54.01)
2. Ramon Zenhäusern (Switzerland) 1:49.04 +0.07 (54.85/54.19)
3. Lucas Braathen (Nor) 1:49.35 +0.38 (54.76/54.59)
4. Manuel Feller (Auto) 1:49.42 +0.45 (54.40/55.02)
5. Loic Meillard (Switzerland) 1:49.57 +0.60 (54.49/55.08)
6. Atle Lie McGrath (Nor) 1:49.92 +0.95 (55.92/54.00)
7. Kristoffer Jakobsen (Sweden) 1:50.06 +1.09 (56.43/53.63)
8. Alexander Steen Olsen (Nor) 1:50.13 +1.16 (56.64/53.49)
9. Fabio Gstrein (Auto) 1:50.16 +1.19 (56.43/53.73)
10. Timon Haugan (Nor) 1:50.20 +1.23 (55.63/54.57)

– did not qualify for the 2nd run: Stefan Hadalin (Slo)
– withdrew in the 1st race: Tijan Marovt (Slo)

World Cup standings, overall (24/39):

1. Marco Odermatt (Switzerland) 1186 points
2. Alexander Aamodt Kilde (Nor) 961
3. Henrik Kristoffersen (Nor) 734
4. Vincent Kriechmayr (Auto) 677
5. Lucas Braathen (Nor) 645
6. Loic Meillard (Switzerland) 592
7. Manuel Feller (Car) 456
8. Alexis Pinturault (Fra) 437
9. Marco Schwarz (Auto) 383
10. Daniel Yule (Swiss) 334

14. Žan Kranjec (Slo) 290
65. Miha Hrobat (Slo) 67
67. Martin Čater (Slo) 65
77. Štefan Hadalin (Slo) 51

Special discipline total, slalom (7/10):

1. Lucas Braathen (Nor) 430 points
2. Henrik Kristoffersen (Nor) 389
3. Daniel Yule (Switzerland) 334
4. Loic Meillard (Switzerland) 307
5. Manuel Feller (Auto) 291
6. Linus Strasser (German) 240
7. Clement Noel (Fra) 232
8. Ramon Zenhäusern (Switzerland) 227
9. David Ryding (VBr) 166
10. Atle Lie McGrath (Nor) 165

38. Štefan Hadalin (Slo) 22

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