VSO announces an action plan for the defense of the independent independence museum

VSO announces an action plan for the defense of the independent independence museum
VSO announces an action plan for the defense of the independent independence museum

At a press conference, the VSO Association expressed its opposition to the government’s decision on the fate of the Museum of Slovenian Independence. According to the president of the association, Lojze Peterlet, they take the matter very seriously, so if the government does not change its decision, they will start implementing this action plan to defend the independent independence museum. Meanwhile, the Minister of Culture Asta Vrečko reiterates that it is not a matter of abolishing the museum, but of combining the contents and programs of two public institutions.

As Peterle said at the press conference, he participated in three Slovenian governments and “he has never experienced such authoritarian abuse and rough exercise of political power”. “We had a unique independence. And this view that it was a unique act in Slovenian history is not only a matter of the so-called right, as some would like to portray anew,” he emphasized, adding that he was surprised that this government wanted to “play independence as an element of additional Slovenian polarization”.

According to Peterlet, we have achieved independence “we got a new political element, which is worth maintaining awareness, pride, even self-confidence”with the government following the proposal of the Minister of Culture Aste Vrečko “to tear down an institution that was established by the decision of a democratically elected government, and this government shows what its true intention is”.

As he also said, they themselves take the matter very seriously, as a blow to Slovenian nationhood, so they will “if the government does not withdraw this decision, start implementing this action plan in defense of the independent museum of independence and independence itself”. Details about it will be revealed after February 10, he announced.

According to Dimitrij Rupel, a member of the board of the Association for the Values ​​of Slovenian Independence (VSO), by announcing the merger of the two museums, the minister “announced and did more than it belongs to and than is allowed. Even more than any minister did during the time of socialism. She played with the state and the self-determination of the Slovenian nation, the so-called plebiscite”.

He described the merger of the Museum of Slovenian Independence and the Museum of Recent History of Slovenia and the establishment of the new Museum of Recent and Contemporary History of Slovenia as a political measure, “which presents itself as a measure against politicization”. According to him, the current government wants to take over history. “Taking over history is no small thing,” he concluded.

Jelko Kacin emphasized that gaining independence is not a one-day event. “This is a democratization process that led to democratic changes, to the first democratic elections, which led to the inclusiveness of that part of the body politic, which until the multi-party system had no possibility of political participation, except within the so-called Socialist Union of the Working People of Slovenia.”

He emphasized that the merger of museums “it’s not the action of one minister, it’s the government’s decision”. “In Slovenian, this term is called erasure,” said Kacin, calling the government’s decision a historic mistake and arrogance.

Member of the presidency of the VSO Association and president of the SDS Janez Janša however, he emphasized that during the plebiscite, the Slovenian nation actually wrote its own verdict for the only time in its history. He pointed out that this act was not simply a feat of one political option, adding that “if any event in Slovenian history deserves a decent commemoration, then it is certainly the event when we Slovenians were united”.

With the fact that the merger of the museums became a unanimous decision of the government, according to him, the matter jumped to the level of “where we are faced with the fact that the government with all its powers has pulled a treasonous move”.

After the government’s decision to merge the museums, NSi started preparing an interpellation against Minister Vrečka. When asked by a journalist whether they would contribute signatures to the SDS, Janša said yes “would the interpellation against the minister be justified or sufficient or a strong enough response as long as there was only a proposal from the ministry, but not a decision from the government”. “It’s a government decision and it’s a different level,” he further said, adding that they will reveal more after February 10.


Vrečko: One museum makes sense, Peterle and SDS strongly against

Leader of the NSi parliamentary group Janez Cigler Kralj said in a statement in the DZ that the interpellation will be prepared shortly. When it is, which could be as early as next week, it will be proposed to all parliamentary parties for signature. As he also said, they think it is right to invite all parliamentary parties to sign the interpellation and give them the opportunity to show unity in a time of crisis, which once again requires appeasement, and to follow the values ​​of cooperation together.

When asked by a journalist whether he thinks that the coalition will listen to them, he said that in politics sometimes the impossible must be expected, or at least given the opportunity for MPs to freely decide what they will support and what they will not.

Sack: It’s not about abolishing, it’s about combining

In today’s statement to the Parliament, Vrečkova reiterated that the Museum of Slovenian Independence is not being abolished, but that the contents and programs of two public institutions are being combined into one. With this, according to her, they follow the professional concerns that arose when this museum was announced during the pandemic, namely that it does not have a suitable space and its own collection, because the artifacts are located in different collections and museums around the country.

According to her, however, it would be time to systematically strengthen this historical period, which is why they added a new custodian. This will be a new museum “had more work and all the support”, to research and present this period to the public. As she remarked, history must remain a matter for historians and not politics. Regarding the announced interpellation, she added that she can discuss museums and collections for more than one day, so she believes that there will be an interesting discussion about it in the DZ.

Last Thursday, the government adopted the decision on the merger of the Museum of Slovenian Independence and the Museum of Recent History of Slovenia and the establishment of a new public institution, the Museum of Recent and Contemporary History of Slovenia.

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