Disaster in Novi Mesto: snow collapsed the roof of the velodrome #video

Disaster in Novi Mesto: snow collapsed the roof of the velodrome #video
Disaster in Novi Mesto: snow collapsed the roof of the velodrome #video

The snowy conditions are causing great inconvenience in many parts of Slovenia, and an unpleasant incident occurred in the village of Češča vas near Novem mesto. The snow collapsed the roof of the velodrome or the Olympic training center of Češča vas, where cyclists and athletes train during the winter months.

The interior of the building before the roof collapsed:

(video: Andrej Matič)

On Monday night, it began to snow heavily in Novi Mesto, about 40 centimeters of snow fell. The roof of the velodrome had already been tilting under the newly fallen snow since the morning, and later collapsed under the weight of the snow cover.

Photo: Andrej Matič

“Due to the overloading of the tent, settlement occurred, and this despite all the protocols being in place. The overpressure and temperature were in accordance, but the overloading was too great. We also engaged the firemen, who had already pumped water before, but the worst happened anyway,” announced the Novo mesto Institute, which manages the facility.

They do not yet have an answer as to how much damage is estimated, but they have made it known that all their facilities are insured.

The supplier is the company Duol, the operator is the municipality of Novo mesto

“The supplier who delivered and erected the facility is the company Duol, and the manager is the Novo mesto municipality. Duol is already at the facility and we are currently solving the situation,” the director of the company told Siol.net Dusan Olaj. He did not want to talk about the reasons, why and how it happened.

The velodrome in Novi Mesto was built in 1996 for the needs of the youth world championship, but the facility was falling into disrepair because it was not covered with a roof. The wooden floor was renovated only in 2013, and the entire building and the roof in 2019. The building was covered with an inflatable membrane, which was 23.51 meters high at its highest point. The total investment at that time amounted to approximately 3.5 million euros.

The training center includes, among other things, a 200-meter four-track athletics track, eight 60-meter sprint tracks, long and high jump tracks, a pole vault and a shot put throwing field, and a renovated bicycle track.

“After all the great news we received from the velodrome in Anadia, Portugal, where our girls and boys achieved top results, this time there is bad news from the Novi Mes velodrome. Due to heavy snowfall, the roof of the facility there gave way and collapsed. This means , that the holding of the national championship, which should be held this weekend, unfortunately will not be possible,” the Slovenian Cycling Association wrote.

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