Horror at 136 km/h, the Norwegian lay in the finish arena

Horror at 136 km/h, the Norwegian lay in the finish arena
Horror at 136 km/h, the Norwegian lay in the finish arena

Friday’s downhill race on the infamous Streif was marked by the brutal fall of Norwegian skier Henrik Roea.

The prestigious downhill test in Kitzbühl ended tragically for a Norwegian alpine skier Henrik Roea.

The competitor with starting number 48 successfully completed the challenging course, but then just before the finish line, he lost control of his skis, as a result of which he first hit his head on the ground and did a somersault, and then violently hit the snow surface with his back.

The unfortunate Norwegian was transported by helicopter to the local hospital, where he immediately underwent surgery.

The consequences of the fall were so alarming at first glance that at one point as many as eight people were gathered around him in the finish arena.


Sports director of the Norwegian national team Claus Ryste announced that Roe only suffered a fracture of his right tibia in the fall. He also underwent many other tests, which ruled out the possibility of brain or other injuries.

Before the accident, Roea approached a speed of 140 km/h.

Henrik Roea | Author: Epa


The day after the accident, the Norwegian skier spoke from his hospital bed, where he watched his compatriot’s victory of Alexander Aamodt Kilde on the second downhill in Kitzbühl.

“The fall was pretty brutal. It’s actually quite amazing that I only suffered a broken bone, while the head and the rest of my body remained intact. The leg has seen better days, but I’m in good hands. Now I have to rest. In a few days I have another operation to do. I’m in a lot of pain right now, but I’m staying positive.” the Norwegian told NRK.

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