A new reality? Lidl in France with such a novelty. #photo

A new reality? Lidl in France with such a novelty. #photo
A new reality? Lidl in France with such a novelty. #photo

The discount chain Lidl has introduced its first in-store electric vehicle charging station in France, as well as its own pricing policy for charging.

Shopping centers will certainly be an important location for charging electric cars in the future. Before them, we expect an appropriate combination of AC and DC chargers. A suitable DC charger can add between 100 and 200 kilometers of range to a car during half an hour of shopping.

In front of the shopping center information about the price of electricity:

Information on the price of electricity and not fuel is on the display tower

In France, Lidl showed a new direction, namely with filling stations, where the prices for individual types of filling stations are shown on high boards instead of prices for gasoline and diesel, and at the same time, with their own range of filling stations and a departure from the agreement with large providers, they also presented a very favorable pricing policy.

The charging station near Lyon thus offers charging power of up to 360 kilowatts, while the price per kilowatt hour of electricity (kWh) is only 40 cents. The price is the same for weaker connections with powers of 108 and 90 kilowatts. The price for charging through a classic AC charging station is 25 cents. These prices are much lower than most public charging stations in France and also significantly lower than those offered by both Ionity and Tesla.

Users were also provided with canopies on which solar panels are installed. There are no special restrictions for users for now, at least in France. The owners anticipate that drivers who fill up there will also shop.

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