Sampras: Roger, we will miss you in our game

Sampras: Roger, we will miss you in our game
Sampras: Roger, we will miss you in our game

American tennis legend Pete Sampras, fourteen-time winner of the Grand Slam tournaments, whose Wimbledon reign was broken by Roger Federer in 2001, paid tribute to the Swiss in a video on social networks. Federer will play the last tennis match of his career in London.

Roger Federerwinner of 20 Grand Slams and one of the greatest players in history, will play his farewell match in London ahead of his announced retirement when he joins forces with rival and friend at the Laver Cup doubles Rafael Nadal.

On this occasion, he did Pete Sampras recalled their only match at Wimbledon, which was won by the young and talented Federer, then only 19 years old. “I don’t know where to start, so I’ll start from the beginning,” Sampras said first, directly addressing Federer in the video.

World tennis giants – Roger Federer (left) and Pete Sampras (right)PHOTO: AP

“When we first met, you were only 19, a promising player and already talked about a lot. We staged a big battle on center court at Wimbledon and you beat me. In a tense five sets,” continued Sampras, who had previously won four consecutive titles on the English greens, taking his record to seven. “I remember leaving the court with the feeling that I had finally found an equal competitor,” said the now 51-year-old American.

Sampras then won his last Grand Slam at the 2002 US Open before retiring from the sport. Over the next two decades, he says, he watched with pleasure as Federer’s career took off. “At the time I didn’t think, I admit, that 20 years later you would have 20 Grand Slams under your belt, you would be number 1 for many years, you would dominate our sport… In fact, you managed everything,” Sampras praised Federer and called him a “a really special player”.

Sampras also praised Federer’s dedication to work, saying his famously fluid game somewhat masked the hard work and drive. “We will miss you in our game,” concluded Sampras.

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