Shocking revelation! The champion suffered a stroke just before the World Championship

Shocking revelation! The champion suffered a stroke just before the World Championship
Shocking revelation! The champion suffered a stroke just before the World Championship

The great French cyclist has revealed that the reason for her absence from the World Championships is a heart attack, which she suffered less than a week before her scheduled appearance in the individual time trial.

In recent days, many cycling fans have wondered why the excellent French cyclist did not travel to the World Championships in Wollongong, Australia. Audrey Cordon-Ragot, who would probably be one of the strongest representatives in the women’s time trial, and with her performance, France would also have a realistic chance of a medal in the mixed team time trial.

Well, guesswork is over. The six-time national time trial champion revealed she suffered a stroke in the week before she was scheduled to leave for Australia. At first, she reportedly did not recognize the symptoms, but an MRI confirmed that she had suffered a stroke last Sunday, less than a week before her scheduled time trial performance.

The winner of 20 professional races (including 8 time trials) revealed that she will now take some time to rest before undergoing surgery to correct the heart problem that caused the stroke.


“I didn’t recognize her right away, so I was lucky (yes, lucky). I was surrounded by a medical team (thank you, Gwenaëlle Madouas, Maryline Salvetat and Mathieu Le Strat), who strongly advised me to undergo an MRI, which definitely saved my life in the end.”

“It’s hard to explain how I feel. I’m exhausted, exhausted, sad, but at the same time so grateful and happy to be home with my loved ones. So, as you can guess, my season is over (some will say I’m a crybaby , these people should refrain from commenting!) I will now rest and wait for surgery to take care of the heart problem that caused my accident.”

“The lesson of the story is that I realized how much I love my family, that I love my life more than anything else, and that I will never let anything or anyone take away my privilege to enjoy them 200 percent. Thank you to all the people , who asked about me, and to those who stand by me: my family, my friends, the French cycling federation, my team and the nursing staff of the Hospitalier of the Center of Brittany.”

“To love hard is to live hard!” the French national champion finished her record.

For Cordon-Ragotova, it is by far the best season of her career, after she became the national champion in both the time trial and the road race, she also won the team time trial and the road test at the extremely prestigious PostNord Vargarda WestSweden race, and she also won the time trial in the race in the Netherlands, which she finished in joint second place.

She finished the time trial at the European Championship in fourth place, and in the fight for medals she would definitely have been at the World Championship as well, but an accident prevented her from participating. Or luck, because the whole thing could have been fatal if she hadn’t discovered the heart problems in time.

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