Shocking last words, pilot knew something “wasn’t right”

Shocking last words, pilot knew something “wasn’t right”
Shocking last words, pilot knew something “wasn’t right”

The British BBC has obtained exclusive recordings of the last words of the late footballer Emiliano Sala.

Emiliano Sala is a former Nantes football player who tragically died in a plane crash on January 21, 2019.

At the time, the 28-year-old striker was on his way to Cardiff, where he was supposed to continue his football career, on a poorly maintained and questionable safety plane.

But the plane never reached the Island.

The Piper PA-46 Malibu that crashed in the English Channel under unclear circumstances on that fateful day in January was piloted by David Ibbotsonwhich was later found not to have the proper license to carry passengers.

The British BBC has now obtained exclusive recordings of the last words of the two victims of the plane crash. Ibbotson and Sala were the only people on the plane.

As it turned out, Ibbotson was very well aware of the plane’s shortcomings, which is why he was worried about his and the footballer’s safety before take-off. In a phone conversation, he confided his concerns to a friend and described the plane as suspicious and potentially dangerous.

Ibbotson landed in Nantes on January 19 and was due to return to Cardiff on the day of the accident. During the flight to France, he witnessed strange sounds, which filled him with unpleasant feelings.

“I picked up a footballer in Cardiff. They recently bought him from Nantes. I think they paid somewhere around 20 million pounds (18 million euros, op. a.),” said 58-year-old Ibbotson, whose body was never found by rescuers, in a conversation 45 minutes before takeoff.

“Usually I have a life jacket right between the seats, this time I will definitely have it on,” added the late pilot.

He also revealed that during the flight to Nantes he heard a strange bang, so he checked all the parameters. Not noticing any signs of major damage, he continued the flight.

“I checked the instruments because everything was working, I was flying normally, but I was worried,” he admitted.

It was only when he landed in Nantes that he discovered a defect in the left brake pedal. “This plane must return to the hangar,” he estimated.

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The football player was also worried about the state of the plane. “I’m on a plane that’s falling apart. If we don’t hear from each other in the next hour and a half, I don’t know if anyone’s going to look for me, because they won’t find me. Man, I’m scared,” he said in a conversation with a friend.

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