Extraordinary adjustment of pensions due to higher costs?

Extraordinary adjustment of pensions due to higher costs?
Extraordinary adjustment of pensions due to higher costs?

According to the Association of Pensioners’ Associations of Slovenia, the wave of price increases is unsustainable, which is why they proposed to the Council of the Pension Institute an extraordinary adjustment of pensions.

In the Federation of Pensioners’ Associations of Slovenia namely, in the light of rising prices, the prices of basic life necessities have also risen.

Mthere will be an opportunity for an extraordinary reconciliation of pensions The Council of the Pension Board considered today. According to them, on the basis of the available data regarding the growth of prices and wages and the rate of inflation this year, it is clear that the conditions for an extraordinary adjustment are given in accordance with the Pension Act. According to their rough estimate, this should amount to at least three percent.

Extraordinary adjusted pensions were finally paid out with pensions for January. Pensions established by the end of 2010 were adjusted by 3.5 percent, pensions established in 2011 by 1.7 percent, and all others by 1 percent. The increase was implemented in accordance with the amendment to the Pension Act, which was adopted by the DZ in mid-January. With it, he wanted to eliminate the backlog in harmonizing pensions and other benefits established by the end of 2010 and those established in 2011.

The regular adjustment that followed in February amounted to 4.4 percent, and the settlement from January 1 was also indicated. For example, the pension amounting to 600 euros has increased by a little more than 26 euros to just over 626 euros since January 1.

According to the latest published data of the institution, there are almost 628,000 pensioners with pensions from compulsory insurance, including old-age, disability, widow’s and family pensions.

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