Super Lenovo laptop with an additional screen next to the keyboard

Super Lenovo laptop with an additional screen next to the keyboard
Super Lenovo laptop with an additional screen next to the keyboard

Some users swear by desktops, others by laptops. Laptops are often intended for those who are a little less demanding, but the most important thing for them is that they can take the computer with them anywhere. Then there are users who need a high-performance device that is also portable.

Lenovo laptops are definitely devices to be trusted. Lenovo ThinkBook Plus G3 however, it is a portable computer that will satisfy even the most demanding users, as we have found quite a few on the specification sheet that will make you envious. It attracts attention at first glance, but we’ll get there – let’s start with some basic information.

32 GB RAM, Intel Core i7-12700 processor, large main screen…

The Lenovo ThinkBook Plus G3 is equipped with an enviable working memory (RAM) of 32 GB. Being a quality business laptop, it won’t let you down. In addition, they treated him to the 12th generation of Intel Core i7-12700 processors. The processor itself boasts 24 MB of cache. The maximum operating speed it reaches is 4.7 GHz. Graphics? Intel Iris Xe.

Another asset is located directly in front of you – this is the screen. It’s larger than most consumer laptops, measuring 17.3 inches (43.94 cm) diagonally. You will be spoiled by its 3072 x 1440 (3K) resolution and refresh rate (120 Hz). What’s more: the laptop screen is touch-sensitive.

The Lenovo ThinkBook Plus G3 laptop has the Windows 11 Pro operating system already installed, and the TPM 2.0 chip and a fingerprint reader also help with security.

The keyboard is illuminated, so that use is even more pleasant and practical.

… as much as 1 TB of disk space, ThunderBolt 4, DolbyAtmos speakers …

As much as 1 TB of disk space (SSD NVMe) is available for data storage. It is also equipped with a powerful ThunderBolt 4 connector that you can use to connect a docking station. You can easily connect it to a monitor and other external devices.

The Lenovo ThinkBook Plus G3 pushes the boundaries of what you expect from a laptop. Among other things, you will easily make video calls with the integrated FHD 1080p webcam, HD sound and DolbyAtmos speakers. It even has an artificial intelligence-based noise cancellation feature to capture clear voice and reduce background noise.

… and last but not least, a big special feature: the built-in additional screen next to the keyboard

But this laptop has one big feature, which is a built-in additional screen. It resembles a slightly larger smartphone or a smaller tablet and is located to the right of the keyboard. You can use it to select and open applications, draw/write with the attached electronic pen, which is stored in the computer case, and much more. You can see more in the video below.

The Lenovo ThinkBook Plus G3 laptop is available in the online store, where you can view the offer of other interesting laptops.

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