Panic over Putin’s move, Russians are fleeing the country

Panic over Putin’s move, Russians are fleeing the country
Panic over Putin’s move, Russians are fleeing the country

Military mobilization was by far the most searched topic on Google in Russia on Tuesday. The analytical tool Google Trends recorded more than five million queries on the Russian part of the Internet yesterday, related to the military mobilization that Putin, officially in partial form, announced this morning.

Among the five most searched topics on Google in Russia on Tuesday, as many as three were related to military mobilization and Putin’s address to the domestic public, during which he then confirmed the alleged and indeed declared a partial military mobilization.
Photo: Matic Tomšič

The true number of Tuesday’s inquiries about military mobilization among Russian Internet users is most likely much higher, since Google is only the second most used Internet search engine in Russia. the first is their native

The average search query statistics in the morning were not significantly different. Russian Google users continued to be most interested in topics more or less related to military mobilization: how many people does Russia have, who can be mobilized, and the escalation of the military conflict in Ukraine:

Google Mobilization | Photo: Matic Tomšič

Photo: Matic Tomšič

Among the interesting more frequent searches among Russian users today are the topics “How to avoid mobilization” and “Categories of reservists”, which may indicate that some Russians with previous military experience are worried about being selected to go to the front:

Russia | Photo: Matic Tomšič

Photo: Matic Tomšič

On Tuesday evening, i.e. on the eve of the declaration of mobilization or the entry into force of the decree on mobilization, the number of search queries about how to leave Russia also jumped dramatically in Russia.

The residents of St. Petersburg and Moscow were most interested in this topic. It is expected, since the concentration of Internet users is the highest there, and also because the rich Russian metropolises have not yet felt the real consequences of the war, and with mobilization this may change:

“How to leave Russia?”
Photo: Matic Tomšič

Among the search terms related to “how to leave Russia”, the key word combinations “how to leave Russia during mobilization”, “international passport” and “how to get to Kazakhstan” also appear.

Russians are fleeing the country, almost all tickets for international flights are sold out

The topic is also strongly related to the search terms on the topic of leaving Russia It is a Russian online platform for finding the cheapest airline tickets. Several Twitter users yesterday highlighted the extremely high prices of air transport from Russia, which is said to be the result of huge demand. All flights out of the country are virtually sold out today. On Tuesday, Aviasales even started publishing the cheapest air tickets for one-way flights from Russia to other countries:

According to the Aviasales website, all tickets for direct flights to the nearest destinations, such as Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan, have already been sold out.

At least until Saturday, all flights to Istanbul, which became one of the main air routes from Russia after Western sanctions and the closure of European airspace, are expected to be fully occupied. The same applies to Belgrade – the next flight should not be available until next Monday.

Interest in domestic flights to cities close to Russia’s borders has also surged. Tickets from Moscow to Vladikavkaz in the south of the country, for example, are selling for more than US$750, while the usual price was about US$70. (STA)

Russia is has already stopped the sale of air tickets today to all men between the ages of 18 and 65, i.e. to those who may meet the criteria for military mobilization. This is also in accordance with the partial mobilization order.

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