Resounding revelation: Alonso bribed the mechanics!

Resounding revelation: Alonso bribed the mechanics!
Resounding revelation: Alonso bribed the mechanics!

New behind-the-scenes details on the rivalry between Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton.

Two-time world champion Fernando Alonso used dirty tricks to gain an advantage in the 2007 season over his then teammate, a rookie among the racing elite, Lewis Hamilton.

The details are revealed by a former McLaren mechanic Marc Priestleywho claims that Alonso felt so threatened by the young challenger that he tried to subdue the staff with the help of bribes.

“One of Fernando’s tactics was to try to get the whole team on his side of the garage. He wanted to take control,” said Priestley, revealing how a close associate of Alonso handed out bribes to selected mechanics to buy their “loyalty” to the Spanish driver.

“During the 2007 season, it happened at a race that Alonso’s manager or trainer handed out brown envelopes full of cash. They were given to everyone who wasn’t looking after Lewis’ car. Alonso’s team, support team and other associates. We all got a brown envelope. I opened it and saw about 1,500 euros or something like that inside. It was suspicious.”

“Just the fact that I received an unmarked brown envelope in the first place. Okay, thanks, but what is it? The coach quickly wandered away, and we stood there with the envelopes and the money. We were flirting and checking to see who had already opened it and how much money he got.”

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“The news spread quickly around the garage. Only Lewis’ mechanics did not receive an envelope. It soon dawned on us what was happening. Fernando wanted to secure support and encourage the mechanics to take his side in their fight. After on the one hand, the strategy was good, but management soon found out what was going on. In the end, they forced us to spend the money on charity.”

“Lewis did other things, he preferred to play games with the media. They both did good things and bad things, nobody is perfect, but they had very different approaches. Both achieved extraordinary results,” concluded Priestley.

In the 2007 season, he won the world championship title Kimi Räikkönen with Ferrari. Hamilton finished in second place with a point less, Alonso was third with the same number of points as the Briton.

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