The four-time champions are hot! Patrons with ten accusations against the first man of the club… Even washing?! Tuesday maybe D day

The four-time champions are hot! Patrons with ten accusations against the first man of the club… Even washing?! Tuesday maybe D day
The four-time champions are hot! Patrons with ten accusations against the first man of the club… Even washing?! Tuesday maybe D day

It’s hot in the city of roses.

It has not been a secret for a long time that the situation in the Novi Gori premier league is not promising, but when they returned to the elite in the city of roses, they did not want to hang it on a big bell. Certainly also with the hope that better times will come, but everything shows that the problems are only intensifying. “The last few weeks have been challenging. I hope that the environment will also realize that we need support from all sides,” warned captain Etien Velikonja after the recent victory in Sežana. “I hope that the situation in the club will improve, and above all that the players will be paid for their work,” the coach was also clear.

‘Tag internal’ removed

Just a few days later, the cup fiasco happened in Vipava, but Miran Srebrnič, in his state of mind, did not want to look for alibis in the Sports Park. “It is true that we have problems. We do not run away from it and we are aware of them, but we will try to solve them within the club, internally. But all this has nothing to do with the match in Vipava. This is not and should not be an excuse. We allowed ourselves to crash , which you shouldn’t have. To me, it’s a shame,” was the legendary captain of the blue and whites without hesitation, but soon after the “tag internal” was withdrawn. This was done by representatives of the sponsors, or on their behalf, by member of the Board of Directors Aleš Kocijančič. They have been dissatisfied with the work of the president for a long time, but the calls for his resignation did not stop, just like the numerous warnings in the past period, and apparently they estimated that the moment had come when it was necessary to inform the public about everything. However, they took an even more drastic step and revealed the (alleged) sins of the first man, and on suspicion of violating the statute, Hari Archon and director Simon Klaut were reported to the disciplinary committee.

Ten reprimands

“Part of the sponsors are dissatisfied with the work of the management of ND Gorica or its president Hari Archon. After the end of the 2021/22 season, the sponsors wrote a letter to the president of ND Gorica expressing their dissatisfaction with the management of the association. We also requested a meeting with the management, which has not happened yet due to the evasion of the president. Because of this, we have already limited or terminated cooperation with ND Gorica. The operation of the youth school is still disorderly, young players are without scholarships, coaches without regular payments, pressure, mobbing, and what else could be found. Even in the member team, there is nothing better in terms of payments, which they themselves have already pointed out. A report has already been sent to the disciplinary committee against the president and business director of the club due to the suspicion of violating the statute of ND Gorica. The request to change the president and the board is more than justified, it is obvious and urgent,” reports Aleš Kocijančič.
In the report to the disciplinary commission, ten allegations are listed: the sale of a player (Mladen Mutavčič; U17 selection) without proper consideration by the board of directors, which according to the statute is in charge of deciding on the purchase and sale of players; renting a bank limit without the appropriate approval of the board of directors; mortgage of real estate without the consent of the board of directors; realization of the sponsorship contract with the company Abastore, doo, without the consent of the board of directors; misleading members of the board of directors with information about open items of the association; intentional insufficient reporting to the NHS when submitting license documentation in the case of obligations to employees and employees of the association. Documentation was submitted to the NHS Licensing Department without obtaining approvals for the postponement of payments to creditors; non-transparent employment of a new secretary and technical manager without the consent of the board of directors; billing and payment of travel orders; reimbursement of expenses to the president without the consent of the board of directors; partial payment of the bill in the amount of 2,000 euros in January 2022; regular use of the locker for personal use – washing personal belongings.

Finally a meeting

The public hearing has apparently achieved its purpose, and the meeting between President Hari Arcin and Business Director Simon Klaut with representatives of the sponsors should now finally take place. If there is no twist in the meantime, they should sit at the same table next Tuesday at 5 p.m. “We’ll see if the lies continue or if something changes. Let’s be surprised,” says Aleš Kocijančič, who confirmed that the “rebels” offer an alternative. “Yes, we have a presidential candidate, but we won’t announce it yet,” said a member of the board of the four-time champions, adding: “We have several, but let’s wait and see how things go.”

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