You won’t believe what happened to the cycling star during the World Championships

You won’t believe what happened to the cycling star during the World Championships
You won’t believe what happened to the cycling star during the World Championships

The Dutch cyclist published a video from training at the World Championship, how he was attacked by a magpie while riding.

Perhaps someone laughed at the warnings before the start of the World Cycling Championships in Wollongong, Australia, that cyclists were in grave danger in the form of magpies, who like to attack cyclists at this time of year. But these were no empty threats…

Remco Evenepoel

You won’t believe it


It’s crazy, what danger faces cyclists at the WC, the consequences can be terrifying

The great Dutchman was also the last to experience this Buke Mollem, who even managed to capture the attack on camera. The video shows how a magpie descends from the sky and flies straight into the head of a cyclist while riding at high speed.

However, Mollema is far from the first to have a close encounter with the attacking birds, as a few days ago a young Belgian star came forward Remco Evenepoel, who described how he was frightened by a magpie that circled and followed him for a long time in training before the time trial.

He is also Swiss Stefan Küng revealed that a magpie attacked one of his national team colleagues during training, while two Australian women were also attacked by magpies during training Grace Brown and a British woman Elynor Backstedt. On Tuesday, all the mentioned victims were joined by Mollema, who supported everything with video evidence

Magpies are a well-known nuisance to Australian cyclists, especially in the spring when the so-called “magpie attack season” lasts. Because of the concern for their young, they are very aggressive and consider pedestrians and especially cyclists a danger, so they try to drive them out of their territory in every possible way.

They hover over passers-by with their claws or beak, they usually attack their victims from the back, but they can also fly in from the side. They almost always aim for the head of their victims and can be deadly. In 2019, a cyclist even died in Wollongong due to the consequences of a fall caused by the magpies with their attack.

There is even a website called Magpie Alert, which records magpie attacks. According to her data, more than 1,500 attacks have already taken place this year.

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