Van Aert and van der Poel will not be able to shake off, but perhaps tire

Where can the Slovenian six reach? Photo: Twitter

He has only four victories in one-day races in his collection, but they are all classics (Liege-Bastogne-Liege monuments, Lombardy), semi-monuments Starving Biancaand he confirmed his excellent form ten days ago by winning in Montreal (this race also counted as a world series).

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Pogačar laid a good foundation for an even more important second appearance in the time trial

One longer slope, followed by 12 repetitions of the shorter one
Track in Wollongong it’s not exactly the hardest one-day race in the world. The riders start with the Keira climb (8.7 kilometers long, average gradient of 5 percent), followed by 12 laps around the championship venue, which boasts one steep but short climb up Mt. Pleasant (length 1.1 kilometers, average slope 7.7 percent, and the largest 14 percent).

The favorites are clear
Bookmakers are right in the role of the first favorite Tadeja Pogačar (odds around 4), they are still in the same league Wout out Aert and Mathieu out der Poel (around 5), quota a smaller one out of 10, only the winner has it Vuelta Remco Evenepoel (around 7). From the second category, however, many people can always be surprised, which is why the list of these cyclists is even longer.

After 267 km, many people can get tired
The route suits Pogačar, he is known as an excellent downhill rider, but he is convinced that the “Mountain of Pleasure” is simply too short to make a final selection. “The course is tough enough to make a selection among the sprinters, but who do you understand as a sprinter,” the Slovene answered the journalist’s question at the press conference and explained: “If you are talking about out Aertu and out der To Poel, you are wrong, you cannot get rid of such riders on such a track. You can try, but you can at least tire them out. But after 267 kilometers you get tired of it yourself. It’s not going to be a relaxing ride, it’s going to be a busy day for everyone.

Sunday's race profile. Photo: Organizer

Sunday’s race profile. Photo: Organizer

A successful general in Canada
This tactic helped Pogačar in Montreal, where together with Adam Yates (this one will drive right for UAE) finally tired the first favorite out Aerta and then in the finish sprint to championship way to victory number 44. Experts place the difficulty of the track somewhere between that of Quebec and Montreal, and Pogačar is sharp: “I’m really motivated, I can’t wait. The track is interesting.”

In 2001, Andrej Hauptman took care of the only Slovenian medal in the road race in the member's competition. Photo:

In 2001, Andrej Hauptman took care of the only Slovenian medal in the road race in the member’s competition. Photo:

Wait till Sunday and then…
Slovenia has a quota of eight cyclists, but only took six to Australia due to injuries and illness. The first rider from the ranking UCI will still miss the help Primož Roglič, Matej Mohorič and Luke Mezgecawhich would make the chances of Slovenian success much easier, but he is still an optimist: “We have to do something ourselves. The teams that have favorites will try to calm down the situation and try to drive safely. We will wait until Sunday, we will see how the members of our team feel, and then we will come up with tactics together. It’s true that there are only six of us, but even with six cyclists you can do a lot, we’ll see!

You will be able to see the road race on TV Slovenija 2, the live broadcast will start at 6:00 a.m.

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