Messi’s departure from Barcelona due to the Argentinian’s excessive demands?

Messi’s departure from Barcelona due to the Argentinian’s excessive demands?
Messi’s departure from Barcelona due to the Argentinian’s excessive demands?

Argentinian football star Lionel Messi is once again filling the media columns on the Iberian Peninsula. More specifically, the Spanish newspaper El Mundo revealed the contents of the exchanged emails between the footballer’s father Jorge Messi, lawyer Jorge Ceourt, head of the legal department Romano Gomez-Ponti, head of the family office Alfonso Nebot and the former president and director of the club Josep Mario Bartomeu and Oscar Grau, who already is raising a lot of dust in the public and among Blaugrana fans.

Even the most loyal supporters of Barcelona had a hard time accepting the departure Lionel Messi last summer, when the icon of Catalan pride decided to change environment after two decades.

Until recently, the majority of the public believed that the biggest culprits behind the Argentinian’s departure from the Camp Nou were the hated former president of the club Josep Maria Bartomeu and former CEO Oscar Grau. But the latest (shocking) disclosure of exchanged electronic messages between the above-mentioned persons, who are more or less (heavily) involved in the affairs of the 35-year-old football virtuoso, will turn many theses upside down. Above all, it tarnished the reputation of Messi and his (closest) working group, who are demanding a contract extension – according to the Spanish El Munda of course they are right – they crossed the line of good taste. Among the many demands of Messi and his team, the following items stand out the most:

  • – the existing contract is extended until the end of the 2022/23 season with the possibility of a unilateral extension for Leo Messi;

    – permanent salary: reduction of the permanent salary by 20 percent in the 2020/21 season due to the loss of income during the coronavirus pandemic, reimbursement of 10 percent of the salary in the following season 2021/22 and an additional 10 percent in the 2022/23 season with interest in the amount of 3 percent;

    – payment of unpaid bonuses with interest for loyalty to the club;

    – a ceremonial box at the Camp Nou stadium for Leo Messi’s family and Luis Suarez;

    – private Christmas flight to Argentina for the entire Messi family;

    – in case of (premature) termination of the contract, the payment of the amount with associated interest for the 2020/21 season will be postponed;

    – bonus for signing the contract in the amount of 10 million euros (to be paid no later than 30 June 2023);

    – increase in benefits in the event of an increase in taxes;

    – restoration or contract extension Pepe Costawhich would last as long as Messi’s;

    – the club must commit to being Leo Messi’s father and representative at the same time Jorge Messi paid the fees owed.

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