Pahor signed the recall of Ambassador Kajzer

Pahor signed the recall of Ambassador Kajzer
Pahor signed the recall of Ambassador Kajzer

President of the Republic Borut Pahor after a telephone conversation with the Prime Minister Dr. Robert Golob decided to sign the order recalling the ambassador Tone Kajzer. In doing so, Pahor expressed his dissatisfaction to Golob because the government adopted the recall decision without consulting him.

Pahor estimated that it would be right to formally regulate the procedure for recalling ambassadors, just as the procedure for appointing ambassadors is regulated, where consultation with the President of the Republic is an integral part of the decision-making process.

The President of the country had previously also consulted with the Minister of Foreign Affairs Tanja Fajon. He also complained to her that he was not consulted. Pahor suggested that both Fajon and Golob should further consider how to “strengthen the professionalism of diplomacy so that it is loyal to the state, but not to party and other partial interests”.

The recall of Ambassador Kajzer was issued after he sent an unauthorized dispatch from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the president of the SDS party Janez Janšawith which violated Article 45 of the Foreign Affairs Act. Upon the announcement of the recall of Kajzer, the SDS responded by announcing the interpellation of Foreign Minister Fajonova.

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