Prestigious smart watch Apple Watch for 800 euros

Prestigious smart watch Apple Watch for 800 euros
Prestigious smart watch Apple Watch for 800 euros

Smart watches are enthralling users all over the world. They are extremely versatile thanks to advanced sensors with which we can monitor our physical progress and observe changes in our health. Apple, however, went a little further with the creation of the Watch Ultra smart watch. It is larger, more durable and offers longer operating autonomy.

The Apple Watch Ultra smartwatch was launched alongside the new Watch Series 8 smartwatch family. The biggest difference between the two is size. The smart wristwatch Apple Watch Ultra measures as much as 49 millimeters, which means that the screen can display more information. In addition, it also provides better visibility even in stronger bright light.

The interesting smartwatch Apple Watch Ultra is also more robust, as it is made of titanium, which is also used for spacecraft. This means that the novelty is suitable for all sports activities. The Apple Watch Ultra also boasts better speakers. These can reach a volume of up to 86 decibels in alarm mode. A charged battery can provide up to 60 hours of autonomy in connection with the watchOS 9 operating system.

Of course, all the improvements brought by the Apple Watch Ultra smart watch come at a price. In order to buy a novelty in the United States, it will be necessary to pay as much as 900 euros. The novelty can be pre-ordered today, and the first customers will receive it on September 23.

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