(LETTER FROM A READER) For an independent and democratic Slovenia, in these difficult times

(LETTER FROM A READER) For an independent and democratic Slovenia, in these difficult times
(LETTER FROM A READER) For an independent and democratic Slovenia, in these difficult times

It says: Frančiška Buttolo

To be clear, according to the views of the communists, Mr. From a legal point of view, Janez Janša was never wronged. Communist courts always knew that their victims were innocent. After all, they were only interested in killing the innocent, as an example to all other conscious Slovenians. After all, the innocent did not suffer under communism. The “bastards” innocents were most threatened by criminal communists and their communism. Innocents were condemned and killed en masse as an example to all Slovenian democrats, so that they would “go communist” as soon as possible. Everything else meant to the Slovenian communist judiciary that they – the communists – did not have absolute power. That the Party has no power. This should not have happened (Dolanc). And even now, when the communists are in power again, it is no different. That’s why Mr. Janša – by design -; their favorite victim.

Under Communism, unjust judges are the only judges. All other lawyers cannot even become judges. Because Mr. Janša is no longer a communist for eternity, he is being humiliated even more than Mrs. Angela Vode was humiliated because she left the Party, then in the Hitler-Stalin pact. In the prison, they put her in the narrowest bed with the sickest, weakest and most often, even all day long, completely polluted prisoner. Only to completely dehumanize Vodetova when she would humbly ask the guard to be rescued from the literally human, but in fact communist, mire. Such – extremely cynical – was Tito’s communist law. These are also the current neo-Stalinist “values” of neo-Stalinist opponents of Slovenian democracy and democrats, who have been inspired by Mr. Janez Janša. But now the hour of party revenge has clearly arrived in the internal and external political situation. Putin is changing everything.. But the communist Kučan – with the victory of his party in the elections – has returned. He leads the new Slovenian government, drugged back and forth to the point of incapacity due to an unexpected electoral success.

They repeat that Janša was also once a communist. Yes, Janša was once a communist too, but who in Yugoslavia was supposed to tell him what communism really is? At that time, we young people knew only what they told us about the communists, everything else was inaccessible to us, often with the threat of prison and even the death penalty.

Now it is these communists, as many as there are still, and their successors who ask Janša why he was not in Tito’s Yugoslavia, for example, with the Christian Democrats, maybe at least with the Social Democrats – or in any party. What a dirty mental torture with reprimands for leaving the Party.

Obviously, this is a very aggravating circumstance for him at the present time, in the reign of neo-Stalinism, in just such a court – although especially the worst, corrupt communists for him, even among the judges – who know very well how shameful it is to be a communist – his former great sin, his youthful communism, they prefer to criticize, as publicly and humiliatingly as possible, in all their media.

But as far as the court in the EU is concerned, I’m afraid that this too is more and more similar to communist ones. Let’s just see what he is doing with Poland, which is fighting with its last strength against the takeover of power by its pro-Russian traitors. Yes, the communist judiciary. This judiciary strives, also with the help of communist lawyers in the EU, to return at least half of Poland (especially in the East) to Russian “command”, or at least to the Russian alliance. The EU is very pleased with this because it opens the way to a better understanding with the Russians.

As for the EU’s attitude towards Mr. Janše, we must know this, the EU supports any form of re-connection of the south-eastern region or the Balkans, and the EU is not in favor of the independence of Slovenia at any cost, any more than it is in favor of the integrity and sovereign Poland. Both are completely unnecessary to her in her agreements with Russia. We really need to know this if we don’t want to deceive ourselves.

So – law, when it comes to political cases, is nowhere and never law, but pure politics of a certain time. That’s why Mr. For me, Janša is the moral winner over the Slovenian communist judiciary, and he will probably be the moral winner over the EU judiciary as well. Janša is one of those giants of democracy, just as Mr. Zelenski is – as everything seems to be. Both are Democrats with a capital letter. Honor and glory to both.

In the courts of certain authorities, more or less totalitarian, their biggest opponents can practically never win, even when they, symbols of the noblest values, the highest democracy, are completely, completely innocent. No, they cannot win, because that would only threaten the totalitarian government. Not even Jesus Christ could do that. Even if they win a process, the authorities immediately push them into a new one. Amen.

That is why the biggest fighters for positive values ​​are also the biggest positive rebels. Very often, no one can help them get out of their tragedies, because all the sacrifices would be in vain. After all, political judges are the biggest criminals, without prejudice. They proved this to Hitler’s judges (internationally condemned after the war) and Stalin’s criminals of this type, the biggest serial killers (except that the Stalins were never internationally condemned).

As the times of the dominance of the new communist dictatorship in the greater part of our planet are coming, it is impossible to believe that – as in the golden times of Tito – many Slovenians, especially nationally conscious and democratic ones, will not be sentenced to severe punishments, while intellectuals will mostly be treated in communist asylums, of course in the most cruel and humiliating ways.

So there is no more democracy in Slovenia. The Slovenian communists returned to Tito’s golden times. Prime Minister Mr. dr. Golob swore on Tito’s birthday, as he had boasted just before his – fatally sad for Slovenia – actions. All of this happened with the help of non-governmental organizations, which recruit their new communist like-minded people in every Slovenian small village, there is never enough money for them (but everything is run by the trained noble Kovačeva, our special Stalinist Greta, with the help of international communist multi-billionaires).

Yes, we have returned to totalitarianism. And we are not the only ones in Europe. Stalinism is probably, for the first time, also in the USA. But the saddest thing is that Putin will not stop. He knows very well that the decision is now being made whether Europe will be Russian. If not, it must, it seems, be at least German, especially East German. Yes, to the east, all of the EU.

In any case, there should be no room for traditional Western democracy in the EU, and also in any of its “countries”. For traditional democracy, the kind that Slovenian democrats strive for, the symbol of which is Mr. Janez Janša, there is certainly no room left in Slovenia or in the EU these days. The Russian clock is ticking for everyone. In fact, China, which is forcing the West into a deadly embrace with Russia. With a still Stalinist and severely twisted Russia.

Therefore, I should inform Mr. Janša, and therefore also the politicians who cooperate with him – not only in his party, but also secretly in others, even in the left and even the extreme left (I know this for sure), that they have acquired all my gratitude, and the gratitude of a large number of Slovenians, who see the only solution in democratic rebellion. We want your re-inspiring leadership to freedom and democracy, as we wanted in 1991. We need your support and strong, strong hope – in fact, unwavering faith – in the miraculous help of God, in a better future, despite the present, almost desperate, undemocratic, conditions. God help us all. To all Slovenians.

Therefore, long live independent and democratic Slovenia. We love her and pray for her. After all, we are Slovenians, not some kind of sexless international multicultural (without culture!) androids, slaves of at most five communist multi-billionaires who produce computer-generated organizational projects (viruses) in their university laboratories (Soros brands), such as their neo-Stalinist scholars from all countries . Some, however, are already achieving the first results when – each in their own country – they enthrone their neo-Stalinist authority anew, as here in Slovenia. Yes, also in Slovenia, of course with the generous help of the last great Stalinist, also the important president of ZK ZKS (apparently no more in the freezer).

Long live independent and democratic Slovenia!

Long live the symbol of modern Slovenian democracy, Mr. Janez Janša!

The article is in Slovenian

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