“I believe it’s not that, it can be more than that”

“I believe it’s not that, it can be more than that”
“I believe it’s not that, it can be more than that”

Emotions erupted from the Slovenian football players and the coach after the match against Kazakhstan.

“I don’t know what to say, the easiest interview in my whole career. Fortunately, we are all looking forward, everything worked out the way it was supposed to, we deserved the Euro after many years… I won’t say torture. It was a lot of work and effort invested from all sides. Today we finally succeeded in doing it.” is after the match in an interview for Sports TV explained the captain Jan Oblak. Let’s remind: Slovenia beat Kazakhstan 2:1 last night in Stožice, the game was decided by reserve player Benjamin Verbič with a goal in the 86th minute of the match.

“Slovenia deserves this, we are going to Germany, but not only to perform, but to be competitive there,” he added. “I believe it’s not that it can be something more than that,” laughed at the Škofjeločan, who emphasized that despite the fact that he played many important matches in his career, including the finals, this was the most important match in his life. “It is a matter of immense satisfaction and pride that we have finally succeeded in what I have dreamed of since I was a child. This is the most important match in my career, the appearance at the European Championship means a lot to me,” Oblak further explained.

Kek: Earned on EP

Selector Matjaž Kekwho led Slovenia to another major competition after the WC 2010, is for Sports TV added that the European championship for Slovenia was more than deserved. “This is the most beautiful gift that the boys gave themselves, in the end the energy of Stožice, all of Slovenia, helped. It was not easy, but I am happy, happy, proud, and not to mention more,” emphasized Kek.

“This story has been long and quite difficult, five years is quite a long time. The boys have shown character and that they are different from those boys 14-15 years ago. Difficult qualifications from day one, but we had one goal and one focus. I’ll say it like this: ‘Not the cap, but the hood down.’ Guys, I congratulate you, thank you to all of Slovenia, I had the feeling that today Slovenia is one, finally equal and united.” Kek emphasized.

“This is the work of different people: including the president. We certainly suffered, they changed us 15 times a day. Today’s match was one of the most difficult, because we knew it would be difficult to control our emotions. And we got into trouble at the beginning of the second half , and then there was nervousness, all the way to Verbič’s goal,” the decisive match in Stožice, which was a big game of nerves on both sides especially in the second half, was also touched by Kek.

“I hope that now we will stop dividing on the Trojan side. This is the signature of Slovenian football and it was not easy,” Kek sent a message to Slovenians via television screens in a beautiful evening.

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