“Our goals are high. We want podiums in both the men’s and women’s competition.”

The first name of the male line remains Jakov Fak. Photo: www.alesfevzer.com

There are ten members in the biathlon national team A this year. The first name of the male species remains Jakov Fakand they are also in it Miha Dovžan, Toni Vidmar, Alex The emperor, Lovra Planko and the newbie Matic Rupnik. The long-time representative Rok Tršan is missing, but he joined the coaching ranks and replaced Andreja Mali at the head of the women’s youth team.

It’s in the female line Anamarija Lampič and Nina and Klemenčič lives a young woman finally joined Lena Repinc. The management of the national team emphasizes Yes will be probably got another chance which one from young talented girls.

“I’m happy, Yes we will be represented again with all four relays. Our goals are high. We want both men’s and women’s competition steps, steps they are also the goal at the WC in the Czech Republic. In the World Cup points, we want five boys and at least three girls, and in the Nations Cup, boys up to tenth place and girls up to 15th, Yes let’s keep the odds to appear in the cup,” the new head of the biathlon industry explained the goals Marko Dolenc.

“Last year we saw Yes the athletes have progressed, and we have the same goal this year. Each of the competitors has their own goals, but the coaches did everything, Yes they will be able to reach them,” said the head coach Ricco Grosswho at the end of the week returned with the team from a three-week snow training in Obertilliach.

There, the team also participated in transparent matches with the Austrians and the Swiss. “There is no comparison completely right, because the Austrians also had selection matches and timed their form in a different way and prepared their skis. We did great on the shooting range. Anamarija hit everything in the lying sprint and missed twice while standing, which is a kind of goal this season, Yes she manages it at least every other match. It went well for most,” Gros also said.

He likes to brag, Yes the management of the national team did everything, Yes gives the team the best possible preparation for the season. “Of course, as coaches, we always want more and know what we would like to improve, but the support has been exceptional.” Even more, the German Olympic champion praises the team: “This one is like a gift to me. They work hard, the atmosphere is good, but if a problem arises somewhere, we talk about it openly right away.”

Photo: www.alesfevzer.com

One of the biggest unknowns in the new season will be the new ones smearsbecause in accordance with the European directives in the European Union, the ban on the use of fluoride in biathlon came into force baby for skis. Opinions differ. Some of the experts think Yes the situation between the competitors will now be even more equal, others are skeptical.

Basically, the rule applies, Yes everyone can use smears, which are available in the market, but it will be difficult to check what anyone is really using. Even for products that will be available on the market, the conditions may be different. “It’s important, Yes we will have access to all of them smear on time and could really test them,” says Gros.

More than smears but he is interested in the first match, which is always very important: “Last year, we opened the season with seventh place in the relay, which carried us away. Such success Yes confidence for the future.”

Slovenian biathlon teams at Pokljuka. Photo: www.alesfevzer.com

Slovenian biathlon teams at Pokljuka. Photo: www.alesfevzer.com

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Biathlon World Cup calendar in the 2023/24 season 25.11-3.12. Östersund (Sweden)
8.12.-10.12. Hochfilzen (Austria)
14.12.-17.12. Lenzerheide (Switzerland)
04.01.-07.01. Oberhof (Germany)
10.01.-14.01. Ruhpolding (Germany)
18.01.-21.01. Anterselva (Italy)
07.02.-18.02. Nove Mesto (Czech Republic)
29.02.-03.03. Oslo (Norway)
08.03.-10.03. Soldier Hollow (USA)
14.03.-17.03. Canmore (Canada)


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