Significantly lower fuel prices on Tuesday


The price of 95-octane gasoline at service stations outside the highways will decrease by 2.6 cents to 1.508 euros at midnight, the price of diesel by 6.4 cents to 1.544 euros and the price of heating oil by 6.3 cents to 1.132 euros per liter. Excise duties will remain unchanged, announced the Ministry of Environment, Climate and Energy.

Excise duty for 95-octane gasoline is currently set at 0.49051 euros per liter, and for diesel fuel at 0.42267 euros. If prices were not regulated, according to the ministry’s assessment, around 1.546 euros would have to be deducted for a liter of gasoline, and around 1.595 euros for a liter of diesel.

Excise duty is set at EUR 0.11577 per liter of heating oil. If the prices of heating oil were not regulated and all taxes and contributions applicable in the past were taken into account, around 1,269 euros would have to be deducted for a liter of heating oil.

In accordance with the government regulation on the pricing of petroleum products outside the area of ​​motorways and expressways, traders’ margins are limited and can amount to a maximum of 0.0983 euros for a liter of diesel fuel and 0.0994 euros for a liter of unleaded 95-octane gasoline, and for heating oil a maximum of 0 08 euros per liter.

The prices at the services outside the motorways and expressways are calculated on the basis of a methodology based on the movement of the prices of petroleum products on the world market and the movement of the dollar-euro exchange rate. Model prices are calculated on the basis of 14-day averages of the prices of mineral oil derivatives.

The prices of motor fuels at the highway junction are formed freely.


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Cheaper fuel also in Croatia

At today’s correspondence session, the Croatian government set new fuel prices, which will be effective from Tuesday. The price of 95-octane gasoline will decrease by two cents to 1.44 euros per liter, while diesel will decrease by six cents to 1.46 euros per liter. The new prices will be valid for the next 14 days, the local government announced.

Mol gas station in Hungary

Mol gas station in Hungary

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