What can be done to make wet cleaning even better? – IT, Cloud, Computer News & Information Technology – What to do to make wet cleaning even better? – Si21

What can be done to make wet cleaning even better? – IT, Cloud, Computer News & Information Technology – What to do to make wet cleaning even better? – Si21
What can be done to make wet cleaning even better? – IT, Cloud, Computer News & Information Technology – What to do to make wet cleaning even better? – Si21

Since gaining the ability to wipe the floor with a damp cloth, the popular iRobot Roomba robot vacuum cleaners have become even better home assistants. However, in order for the floor to always be in the best shape, you must follow the washing rules. Do you already know them?

First and foremost, don’t mop the floor, which can be damaged by moisture. Carpets are not the only problem. There are many other things on the floor, for which it is better that a damp cloth avoids them from afar. This doesn’t mean combo bots aren’t useful. Quite the opposite. As long as at least part of the apartment is suitable for wiping, they are still useful. However, in order to prevent possible problems, it is enough to mark the surfaces in the iRobot application that the robot must not wipe (the No Mop Zone function) and it will fully respect the restriction. You will be particularly pleased with the Roomba Combo j7 and j9 models with the innovative position of the mop. They are the only ones who lift the cloth on their back, where it is far from the ground. No combination robot offers such perfection. The innovative solution also allows the cloth to be placed on the robot at all times, which is always ready and does not require many interventions. The Smart Station of the Roomba Combo J9+ completely automatically fills the container with liquid when needed, so you don’t have to do it manually.

In the Roomba Combo J family, there are excellent robots capable of avoiding things on the floor, which will without a shadow of a doubt satisfy the needs of even the most demanding. But these are far from the only combined devices of iRobot. There is also a range of models that use a different solution than lifting the cloth. They are characterized by the fact that when you want the robot to wipe the floor, you replace the usual garbage can with a container with a water container and a cloth on a support underneath. The advantages of such an approach are at your fingertips. No compromises regarding the roominess of the bin when we want the robot to just vacuum. It depends on the capabilities of the model, what it is capable of and what functions are enabled in the application. For example, the most “simple” Roomba Combo i5 is better suited to vacuuming individual rooms when you’re at home, although it can easily handle the whole apartment, while the Roomba Combo i8+ offers more autonomy and functions in the app. The logic of using these robots can be as follows. During the week, when you don’t have time to fill the water tank and empty the trash can, equip it with a large one and let it vacuum on its own, either on a pre-set schedule or on demand. When you have time, you change the piece and send the robot to vacuum and mop at the same time. Then remove it, drain the excess water, wash and dry the cloth and return the larger piece so that the robot is ready to vacuum again in the next few days. In combination with automatic emptying with a suitable charging station (models marked with the “+” sign in the name have this), there is no need to think about the maintenance of the robot for up to 60 days.

As in the case of vacuuming, it is also better for mopping the floor if the floor is at least slightly prepared for cleaning. It will not be superfluous to pick up what does not belong on the floor, move the chairs under the table and move larger objects away if you think they are blocking the robot’s path. When cleaning wet, you should also take into account that the cloth does not reach the edge of the case in any case, so there remains a belt that does not reach it. It is not superfluous to wipe it by hand from time to time if you think it is necessary. But the robot will vacuum this surface without any problems, as the side broom is intended for this purpose. Regardless of the extraordinary capabilities of iRobot combined robots, which are never in question, wet cleaning requires a little more maintenance than vacuuming alone. The cloth does not need to be washed every time, as we do, for example, when washing the floor manually, except in cases where the floor is more often dirty. When you like to walk around the apartment in shoes or after returning from a walk, do not wipe your pet’s paws. There is no need to wring out the robot’s cloth, as it automatically dispenses exactly the amount of water needed for optimal wiping. With the Roomba Combo j7 and j9 models, the application can even determine how much water the robot should use for each room separately. Not too little and above all not too much, so that puddles do not form on the floor.

Combined robots that can vacuum and mop at the same time undoubtedly improve the cleanliness of any apartment. In the iRobot range, you will undoubtedly find a model that will best suit your needs. Note that wet cleaning requires slightly more maintenance on the robot than vacuuming. But once you master these little things, it will prove to be extremely useful. Especially if you have a pet or small children who don’t care how dirty their paws or feet are when they get home.

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